Gossip Girl Fashion Watch: Jessica's Handbag

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A girl's gotta have her favorite accessories and bags she can match with any kind of outfit. Case in point? Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr, who adds a dash of color to her urban-chic style all over NYC with a Treesje "Metro" clutch in the shade lipstick.

Here's Jessica Szohr carrying that product in a variety of different situations. What do you think? Does she look good with it or should she try something new?

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Hey ! Does anyone know where I can buy the same black jacket as hers in the 20th episode of the second season ?


I just bought a new branded handbag from Pursz.com. The handbag was really cool, same as what they provide in the photos. The fabric and material was very good and it worth buying. Visit www.pursz.com!!


OMG I've got the same skirt from the first picture, I'm going to ware it now!


I like her purse. I love red purses and she wears it well. I think its nice that shes not afraid to be seen with the same purse more than once.


She 's picture perfect on the third picture. Her purse is fine, it's just a purse, right? And I think she should get a short hairdo, she will S-(wait for it)-TUNNING!


i reallyson'tcare about their personal livesi care about the show andcb for me she is annoying and to create a triangle at s.4 .markmy words.I MEAN IT IS ABOUT B'S INSECURITIES ANDNOTTRUSTCHUCK THEYWON'T BE TOGETHER UNTIL B BREAKSUPWITH CHUCK BC OF HER INSECURITIES AND HE WILLSAYITWAS PLATONIC TILL THE BREAK UP


Ew, it's Lady Dreadlocks.
x__x LD needs to give me that purse, she doesn't deserve it. :(


All you jealous bitches.


Ugh. She can have whatever purse *and* boyfriend she wants as long as she gets off the show.


i think that the clutch looks good with the first two outfits but not the last one also i agree that she looks kind of skeezy in the 2nd photo
and bigger then in the other two

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