Gossip Girl Fashion Watch: Leighton's Shorts

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This girl is always up to something - and always up on the latest fashion trends. In character as Blair Waldorf, a smiling Leighton Meester rocked a pair of high fashion ChloƩ shorts with delicate scalloped edging on the set of Gossip Girl.

What do you think? Do you love them?

Stylish L
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I dunno if I'm just bias, i love the shorts maybe b'coz leighton can pull any outfit and make it work. But I agree with the top, maybe she should've wore something else, a lil simplier perhaps.


Those shorts are b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!


from chloe. amazing


Dont like the shirt and where has Blairs beautiful hair gone? :(
It's like we got rid of man-bangs and Chucks awful swept back hair and for that we have to trade in Blairs.... Nooooo! Side note: I miss man-bangs too... *Sigh*


She needs to lady things up a bit. The shorts are a cute Victorian look, but I would've definitely paired it w/a different shirt. It IS piratey. Loosen the hair and wear a more cute, classy shirt to match the bloomers and we're good.


uhh.she looks kinda bad there.but she's still gorgeous!i


well she does kinda look like a man here, gues it's the hair.




yeah her hair is not good... what happened to all the wonderful head bands?


I am a Blair fan but even I am against her outfit. I thought she was Chuck for a split second. The outfit and hair do not go together well. I'm sorry.

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