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I really wanted to c N and S together

I luv them!!

they made 4 each other.

Can u feel it.



Puting Serena and Nate together would be like putting Marissa and Seth together. It would be confusing, out of the blue and completley wrong. Think about it. Can you actually see the rest of the cast have good story lines while Nate and Serena are together. If one member of this cast was to be let go because their story line has run it's course.I'd probably stop watching.


I will seriously consider not watching anymore if they put Nate and Serena together out of pure storyline filler. It would mess up so much, just think about how Blair would feel, even though she's not with Nate anymore she would still resent her...she's Blair.

They have no chemistry, and i'm not saying that because they have no romantic scenes...i'm saying that because they have NO CHEMISTRY. Serena hardly noticed Nate in season 2, they are friends and that's all they will ever be.


And I only find chace has the chemisty with blake in the show,off the show they also have the huge chemisty.
They match so much ,so perfect ,gorgeous for each other


serena and nate liked the strangers in most of the show,and then one day they thought ,ewwwwwwww.....maybe i know her/him,i need talk to him
come on ,josh ,i know you fav darena ,but they are so boring together ,give up darena please.
Give the hope to serenate


serenate!!!! please!!!!
they have soooooo much chemistry!
but what did they mean by joanna garcia saying, I' got canceled for this'????
maybe serenate for the end or middle of S3!
i hope this just means they're not rushing them!


guys ,you know how i hate the writers?the first and last episode of each season ,serena and nate had some scene,they were too gorgeous together ,and then noting happened to them.
they never talked to each other ,never have a scene in many many episodes,but accidently talked to each other in the last episode,the writers joked to us?

i am sorry for my english


Are we spamming Kristin already? LOL just kiddin


The writers need give a chance to serena and nate.Dont make these two beautiful so stupid in season 3,they need grow up .
No need serena and dan ,serena and lots of other loser.
No need nate and jenny ,vanessa,and lots of other girls.
OK,they need build up their feeling ,hope they are single for a while ,and they have some scenes.
I am still waiting serenate


I mean, I just finished the prequel, It Had To Be You, and I know the book and the show are totally different now but I can't help picturing Serena going all "no, Blair, so you love Chuck and couldn't keep Nate. it's my turn to try to be happy with him, like I so wanted to be but then you guys started dating and I started holding me back"

Oh c'mon, Serenate would be awesome. But that book/show trip reminded me how in the books Serenate basically went to boarding school because of Blate and in the show it was mostly because well, she killed a guy, but oh well, Serenaters can hope.

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