Grey's Anatomy Funeral Scene Raises Questions, Emotions

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As the rare, outdoor behind-the-scenes photos from the set proved without a doubt this week, the cast of Grey's Anatomy is giving George O'Malley his official sayonara.

We knew it was coming, but some are having a hard time coming to grips with the prospect of no more O'Malley. He was not just an original character, but a fan favorite.

Spotted on the set were Katherine Heigl, who plays Izzie Stevens, George's best friend, and a very pregnant Ellen Pompeo, who plays the title character, Meredith Grey.

A few of the men were also back to work: Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev, and Patrick Dempsey, who plays Derek Shepherd. Others may have been there, too.


The demise of George O'Malley was not scripted this way initially.

It turns out that Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes originally had a different opening sequence planned for the 6th season of Grey's Anatomy.

A flashback was supposed to take viewers to the hours when George was missing, from when he left the hospital to when he returned later on as a disfigured John Doe.

However, Knight reportedly declined to make a brief cameo and instead of seeing George's split-second decision to save the passerby's life that cost him his own, viewers will just have to watch Shonda Rhimes' alternative idea, the funeral scene.

Which brings us to the characters and George's coffin.

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I have a great idea. Why don't we make a thread just to remember all of George's greta moments and we agree not to talk about TR or Shonda in it, just George. That way, it won't create fights. George is my favorite character so I would love to do that.


has anyone paid attention to Izzie's left hand? she's not wearing her ring in the pictures...


So are Hillary Burton and Chad Michael Murray ungrateful people who don't care about their fans too for leaving OTH? They were the two leads and had a lot more airtime than George, and great stories, and they quit. Does that make them monsters? No. They are actors and actors want to do many different roles. He's a grown man who wants to do something that fulfills him. That doesn't make him a bad guy. I have missed George since the mid-half of season 4. I really wished he wasn't leaving, but I get why and I respect it. There'll be a big hole without our lovable George. He'll never be forgotten.


I can't even look at that image of George smashed up. Did she have to do this to him? It's so awful. George was so so sweet. Why did she do this to him?


I'll miss TR so much. I don' blame him at all. The last two years have been painful seeing my favorite character fade more and more into the background and all his friendships being destroyed for no reason at all. I don't know what happened. I never saw a character become so cut off from the show. He had several episodes where he didn't even have any scenes with anyone of his colleagues or the rest of the fab 5. He was always so close to them before. It feels personal to me. I don't know what happened, but it's weird he was no longer friends with Meredith or Bailey or Cristina. He didn't even seem friends with Izzie anymore. I loved Gizzie. That's not normal.


TR by his own account was miserable in the job. He had to show up week after week to sometimes say one line, which was mostly something like Yes, chief. Yet when he did get a scene, he put his whole heart and soul into it. George had less screentime than the interns this year, but he's the one who scenes I all remember by heart. I don't remember anything from this season except for the George scenes. That he could put everything he had in George when he was so unhappy shows how much he did care and just how talented he was. Shonda said that, during his has episode, he had to stand for hours under heavy makeup and that he was absolutely lovely and professional about it and never said a word to complain. Thaat's the kind of person he is. A true professional. He could have easily phoned it in. A contract doesn't prevent you from doing that. He didn't. I will always love TR. He gave me George, the most amazing character that ever was.


This photo is so sad. I hate what they did to George. He was so nice. I'll miss him. I don't even know if I can watch the premiere. I'll be crying so much.


First time posting here but I just want to say i'll miss George so much. I really loved him the most. It's so sad he and Izzie won't be together. They should be.


Jude, krista said TR was NOT the person she was talking about. She confirmed it the very next day when everyone thought it was him. Aussiello also did a blind item about someone being a diva on set and some thought it was TR, but it was Balthazar Getty. TR told Shonda he quit in December. I don't get why she couldn't show him in his last months to give us closure. I think she should know that given the chopice between the 007 scene and months of great George closure scenes, any George fan would have picked months of great George scenes. We wanted to see him make it as a doctor, teach his interns, find love with maybe someone outside the hospital. She robbed us of that. So yes, I blame Shonda, not TR. I can,t believe he tried to go to her about this and she was too busy. He should have gone to the newspapers about it and complained. Yes he would have been called a whiner by his haters, but those same haters were calling him a whiner when he wasn't even saying a word. Shonda responds to threats and humiliation, but poor TR has always been too nice and classy. I'm glad he told the truth about why he left. No real TR fan would be selfish enough to expect him to be subjected to any more unhappiness on this show. Real TR fans want him to be happy and real TR fans love George but love TR more. The one good thing is I'm now free from Grey and its mess too. It's a shame because it was the best show on air the first three years. Somewhere along the way,. Shonda stopped caring baout the show and lost her way.


TR is pretty much the strongest person I know. Shonda said it herself when he left when she talked about his exceptional strength of character they ALL admired. LOL, even she knows. It takes so much strength to walk away from 14 million dollars and a hit show where you get paid for doing nothing. Shonda didn't get rid of TR. He quit, or are you agreeing with us George fans that she treated him so badly to force him to quit and get rid of him? If she did, then she's a pretty disgusting person, is she? That's what you're saying, are you? That she didn't write for him for two years even though so many people missed George just so he would leave. She couldn't have fired him or she'd be accused of homophobia and hated by the fans, who love George. So she did this so he would leave. I admire TR from walking away from a secure job where he could have stayed until the end doing nothing and being paid million. He knows he might never find something good again, yet he did it. Now that takes strength and integrity and dedication to your craft. But then TR is the one who took his 30 seconds per episode this year and made them memorable. He's the one who could have one scene per episode and be the one who made people cry in the end, or smile or laugh. Like the episode where he ran to Izzie's side and smiled for her when he learned she was sick, and that was the one moment that touched everyone. That takes a lot of caring and a lot of talent to steal an entire episode with 30 seconds of screen time. TR cared about the George fans, but he couldn't get Shonda to care. So being wise as he is, he realized life was too short to be unhappy and he left. The real TR and George fans don't blame him for it. It's funny the only ones who do are the ones who never even cared about George.

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