Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: A Funeral Scene?

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It's not often that we see behind-the-scenes looks at Grey's Anatomy, given the closed-set nature of the series. But this week, the cast filmed an unusual outdoor scene that appears to be at a cemetery - and we can only assume is Dr. George O'Malley's funeral.

Here's Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev) on the set ...

Justin on Set

Justin Chambers was on location as Grey's Anatomy filmed outside.

Now that T.R. Knight has confirmed he is not coming back to the show, and Katherine Heigl clearly is back filming, that would be the most logical explanation for what's going on here as Grey's Anatomy begins filming its sixth season: George being laid to rest.

It would be sad, but at this point, seemingly inevitable. Click to enlarge lots more Grey's Anatomy photos from the set and tell us what you think is going on behind the scenes ...

Ellen Arrives
Justin and Katherine Pic
Ellen and Katherine Photo
Ellen Showing
McDreamy Takes Five
Heigl and Pompeo
Justin and Katherine
Dressed in Black
Katherine and Sandra
Ellen and Katherine Pic

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I'm there until George's then I'm gone. I have not commented on anything else about Grey and this is a George article. If you don't want to hear from George fans, don't come read a George article. I watch for George. I won't be watching when he leaves.


I KNEW I shouldn't have clicked on "Spoilers"....I live in Germany so I am still working my way through Season 3 on DVD, but I think I had read something online after the Finale about George being injured....Still, now it's so real. I just watched them take their Intern Exam in Ep. 24 and decided that he was my favorite character, and actor, on the show.
So now I'm really advance.


To all the people who are saying: I'm not gonna watch anymore, what the fuck are you still doing on this site? If you hate GA so much now, it's just really stupid to still post on a fansite.


I visit this site every few days. I'm not a user, but I normally enjoy
seeing what people have to say. That being said, I'm really disappointed in thw fact that others think they can pass judgement on the lives of two people that they don't even know. I'm not a producer or an actor on this show. I have right to presume that Shonda's a liar or T.R. is whiny. I just don't understand when we started expecting so much from this Exec. Producer? No other one is under such a microscope or treated with such vitriol. It's her show, not mine. And I'm not going to just assume that I have the right to hear every little tidbit she has to say about the show, then complain she's a liar and two-faced. Stop watching then. Stop posting. Don( ruin the experience for everyone else. For what it's worth, I enjoyed George and I'm sad he's gone, too. But I watch the other characters too, and I'm ready for the season to start if only to have those who say they won't watch stop with the constant complaints.


I'll be sad and the tears will fall as I hopefully watch GA season 6. I'm sad TR left, sad MAGIC as a group won't be finishing their residency together. Izzie would drag herself to George's funeral cos he was her friend.
George's family should be the focus of the funeral, they have been around as characters since S2. The church will be exactly full of strange faces. Wonder if there will be the surgical core of the army will make an appearance, cos George enlisted.


Well George is Izzie's person. There is no way she would have missed his funeral. I know Shonda stupidly ignored their bond all season (just another reason to hate her), but at least she has this part of it right for once. Izzie would never miss George's funeral. That being said, I won't be watching. I hate Shonda for killing George and I won't be watching again.


what if the reason that the show is letting out so much information about izzie being in the sixth season is that she is but she isnt and this is really her funeral and she cannot pass on. big shock for everyone then wouldnt it be


I think it's weird that Izzie is well enough too attend this funeral when she was nearly dying in the season finale. Cuz if it is Georges funeral, then it's no way that she could have gotten that well in that short time. But mayby she got better in a week or two so she could attend the funeral, and mayby she called for the dress as she did for Mer and Ders weddingthings. Cuz she wasn't feeling very good on her weddingday either, but she made it. And I still donät get how they can hide Ellens huge stomach now, do they film her från her neck and up or what?


After seeing the finale, and slowly figuring out George is gone, I was tempted to not watch the premiere on tv and just watch it online or something. I don't think I have the willpower though :p I wish Shonda could see these posts!


TR waited until he was done to speak his side because there were so many rumors about it. He did it in a dignified, gentle manner. He didn't bash Shonda. He just said he was frustrated. Believe me, after what she did to him, he could have said a lot worse but that's not him. I'm glad we got to hear his side of it. Shonda told her side too. Aussiello interviewed her as well and she says she didn't try to make TR stay and didn't tell him why she had erased george all season. Her side was stated. I believe TR when she said Shonda had lied to him many times. She twists the truth all the time, and she lies so much. She did it to so many fans. I'm both a MerDer and Gizzie fan, and she lied to me more times than I can count. I'm done with her lying. I loved when she said Gizzie was about Izzie being on the rebound from Denny when the year before, she had said Gizize had NOTHING to do with Denny and Izzie was totally over him. She can't even keep her stories straight.

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