Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: George's Coffin

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In case there were any doubt that the unusual behind-the-scenes Grey's Anatomy photos we were able to find and post yesterday afternoon showed the cast filming a funeral scene at a cemetery, this image ought to clear it up. May Dr. George O'Malley rest in peace ...

The Coffin

After a cliffhanger left us hanging in May, this clears up doubts. The doctors of Seattle Grace will mourn their fallen colleague George early in the upcoming sixth season.

Here are a few more shots of co-stars Katherine Heigl and a very pregnant Ellen Pompeo on the outdoor set of Grey's Anatomy. Click to enlarge the thumnails below ...

Very Pregnant!
Grieving Izzie
Filming a Scene
Pompeo, Heigl

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Does anybody think that this may not be George? Well he wrote sth on Meridith's hand but this could have been just a twist? Nobody have seen his face, nobody have done DNA tests... Maybe he really has gone to the army and one day will be back? And they will find out that that guy who died was not a George? Does anybody think that it's possible? :)


I hate to see the coffin but I also do not want a fake George in there. Atleast they killed him off instead of disfiguring his face, needing a face transplant, and in turn being another actor. I loved George and think he had a tremendous role in Greys Anatomy.I mean he was O'Malley!! He played the role awesome and I hate the way he was treated especially in the IW incident. Atleast our McDreamy stood up for him!! Hats off to TR Knight as many doors will open for him!!


Hate to see 'Dr. O'Malley, George.' Go. =[ Its really sad. Gonna be hard to watch it without George! He was like me Fav!! R.I.P!


2anthony, season 5. He lost all his friends. He and Izzie never talked. Lexie told him screw you O'Malley because he didn't pick her as his intern (when he didn't even have the right to pick himself). She stopped being his friend when he didn't return her feelings, feelings he didn't even know he had. She left him all alone in their crap apartment to pay the bill. The fab 4 never talked to him. He never got to do one operation. He begged Cristina to let him do the surgery but she gave it to Alex instead. The writers gave Alex two solo surgeries, saying he needed it to feel more secure. And George who felt so insecure didn't? He lost his five patients in trauma, and Lexie the golden magic intern got to save the only one who didn't die. The writers said George had to suffer to learn to be a team player. Say what? George was always a team player. It was Lexie the intern who won everything, and got to do big operations, who was not a team player and hated by her fellow interns for sleeping with Mark. George was always always made to feel guilty about his every mistake and do his mea culpa all the time while the others moved on from their equally big mistakes without them ever being brought upon again. Not one of the fab 4 even thought of inviting him to be part of the wedding party. He sat alone, looking so lonely and sad, while they all got to smile and be happy up there and forgot he even existed. George got called 007 till his last day even though he proved time and time again he was a good doctor. He got to endure Alex, Mark and the chief's condescending remarks and insults about him. Izzie and Lexie both moved on to men who ridiculed him and despised him. Then he saves a girl who didn't even look at him and was watching for hotter men. He loses his arm, gets disfigured and had to stand there while nobody recognize him and make crack about how he's too fragile and weak to join the army. Then he dies while Izzie gets a miracle. George never gets miracles though, does he? I'm sorry, but I have watched a lot of shows, and I don't think I remember a character more tortured than George has been the last five years. Through all of this, he never became bitter and mean and he cared for his fellow human beings till the end. That to me makes him a hero. I don't need to see him being run down by a bus to know that, and the fact that Shonda thinks him being selfless shows a new side of him really shows she never got George at all.


If Shonda wanted that episode, she would have TR film it when he was still on the show. It's not like his 30 seconds per episode kept him busy. They have actors who leave show film scenes in advance all the time. That,s why I don't believe her either. It sems most people think she's lying about this to make TR the bad guy. It won't work. The George fans know who push TR off the show, and we know who decided to kill him. She said TR had emotionally walked away when the truth is she's the one who emotionally walked away from George a long time ago. Yes life is unfair, but this is TV. A lot of fans watch show and root for the underdogs and usually the underdogs get their reward in the end. They don't get mutilated and disfigured. He got Amanda? The guy was out of his mind with pain and agony. Do you think he had any idea what was going on? He didn't get to build a relationship with her, to have someone love him and have him love them back. He didn,t even get to have a solo surgery like everyone else. I don't watch shows to see a good, kind, lovable man get cr*pped on all the time and never get a break. Everyone else did. You know what my son told me watching this? He said "Mom, see, that's why you can't be nice because nice guys never ever win and the bad guys do." Nice lesson for a 14-year old. Way to go, Shonda. You teach such good lessons for young girls and boys. You can be abusive and a jerk, but if you look good, you'll get the girl, the success and everything you want. If you're nice, you'll just get crapped on.


He never really had a good season, did he? Season 1 - He became 007 straight away, was in love with Meredith who loved Derek. Season 2 - The girl he liked cried when they had sex and he had to ignore her. Season 3 - His father died, he cheated on his wife and lost his best friend Season 4 - He stayed behind as an intern, he and Izzie couldn't get together and he and Callie separated too. Season 5 - the most boring life ever and he was hit by a bus.


I don't believe for a second Shonda had an episode planned on George. I think she saw that pretty much everyone was on TR's side and blaming her after that EW interview, so she came up with this idea to do an interview with Aussiello, and invents this episode that would have happened if bad bad TR had decided to come back. That way, the fans would blame him for not coming back for one last episode, not her. Never mind that her not using him at all the two seasons, regularly lying to him, not standing by him during the IW incident and never letting George get any happiness is what made him leave. Never mind that even if he had come back, it would just be to show us how George died when really all we wanted was for George to be happy. I didn't find George dying interesting. I knew it was him the moment they panned on his eyes. I have always been in love with George's eyes and anyone who claims to be a real George fan would have known it was him. Brilliant? Hardly. It was stolen right out of ER and most George fans knew it was him halfway during the episode. But even if it was brilliant, she erased George all season because of that 007 moment. TR quit because of it. No moment could ever be brilliant enough to justify losing one of your most beloved character forever. Not one of them. I have watched shows long enough to know that deaths might be great in the short-term but in the long-term, you lose a lot more because you lose forever characters that made the show what they were. Marisa,s death was done brilliantly on The OC but in the end, the show was never as good without her. Without George, the show loses its heart and the one character most fans related to and rooted for.


RIP 007


we love george and you will never be forgotten in greys anatomy you will always be rememberedd there is always a place for you in greys anatomy


McNorway, what makes us angry in this show is that jerks like Alex get the happy ending and guys like George who are kind and selfless and good get nothing but heartache. Life might be that way but I watch shows to escape and to see the good guy win, not get hit by a bus. Anuflas, TR didn't come back because he loved the l;ast shot of George. Besides if Shonda really wanted to have that episode, she'd have TR film it while he was still on contract or have that be the season finale. She had months to use him, she knew months in advance he wasn't coming back and she still decided not to show him at all. No she's blaming him? That woman is unreal. If she had used George, we would probably still have him on the show. But this is her motto: mess up and blame it on someone else.

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