Heroes: On the Road to Redemption?

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The fifth volume of Heroes is titled "Redemption."

It's apt.

After all, while it wasn't directly brought up at last week's Comic-Con, the question foremost on many audience members' minds was whether or not the new season would redeem the show from a string of unpopular developments and storylines over the last two years.

Based on the spoilers below, revealed by cast members at the TV and movie festival, will the series win back disenchanted viewers? You tell us...

  • Peter will interact with a new speedster, knife-throwing newbie Edgar (Ray Park). Look for a cool kung fu knife fight between the characters.
  • Tim Kring explained the main theme of the volume: "We're creating a new wrinkle in the mythology of the show. Alongside [our Heroes], there was another group, this family who had powers, who could live among us and hide in plain sight."
  • A compass will somehow play a key role.
  • Hayden Panettiere didn't dispel rumors of a shark-jumping lesbian storyline, describing a new pal in college as "friend with privileges."
Pic of Hiro

Sadly,  Masi Oka also said that time travel would, once again, play a prominent role this season.

"We see time traveling a lot more," he said. "[Hiro's] redemption is going back in time and fixing things he's done wrong. He has kind of a bucket list. He wants to make amends."

Oka added that Hiro will meet a younger version of himself. Does this get you excited for the new volume? Chime in now in our Heroes forum!

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I feel for you Masi Oka....I would love for your character to shine this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just can not beleive that the one thing that ruined the show, Time travel, will be coming back again. Man..if he wants redemption..THIS IS THE WRONG WAY TO DO IT...how about devoting the season to him FINALLY maturing and sporting his BADASS look with the sword from season 1. How about earning redemption instead coming up with his own restarted time travel way of doing it. If they kill Hiro off I will be VERY disappointed that the producers couldnt have thought of something better, and that his death will solve everything. I agree that he is a VITAL character to the show which just needs to be Revamped not Revoked.


I can't believe they're going to kill off Hiro. This show is doomed, and it's not cos of the time travelling (seriously guys give it a rest, there's far worse things the writers have done than time travel stories like turn Mohinder into such an annoying character, get rid of Monica and Micah and introduce Maya).
I was really looking forward to the show returning but I won't be watching for long if Masi leaves, he's part of the heart and soul of the show.

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