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Early spoilers for season four of Heroes don't have us excited.

We hope we're mistaken, but news of Claire hooking up with her roommate and Nathan going back in time make it seem like the show is trying to see how high it can jump over the shark.

That being said, we'll be tuned in for the season four premiere. It airs on Monday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. and will run for two hours, during which viewers will be treated to the first two new episodes, titled: "Orientation" and "Jump, Push, Fall."

Episode three, which will focus again on Angela's past, will be titled "Acceptance."

Chill, Mom!

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I don't care what anyone else says, I still love Heros. Some new characters were thrown in there from time to time and that was a little much. But it made it interesting. Sorry for all the haters. If you don't like it save your electric bill and go do something outside. If you have to complain about it then you shouldn't watch it anyways. Nothing like 24, Jack always saving the world. BORING!! Like they say "Opinions are like a**holes, everybodys got one". So buck up buttercup remeber only you control what you watch.




Calm down, everyone. I love Heroes, too, but is it really that hard to admit that the show has lost A LOT of steam? I don't wanna read articles that are blindingly positive and and just showering the series with praise. I Can't blame this author for being critical, as he admits that he "hopes he's wrong" and wants to love the show again... it's just hard these days.
I can relate. Really, no one else can??


Amen, Anti-Hater. Fuck You All.


This site is needs to get shut down it's just a haters zone. You call this a fanatic site when all you do is bash on our show. Speak for yourself when you say "we're not excited" I already had 5 orgys just thinking of the comeback. So here's my suggestion Go F#$% yourself!


Amen, MZBrink.


Reading your site is like watching Fox news. You seem to distort the truth to further some hidden agenda aimed entirely at trash talking a show that you run a site for. There was never any mention of time traveling for Nathan. Do you not remember how Sylar can see the history of items he touches? So, if Nathan touches something and sees its past that makes it a: FLASHBACK! Not time travel. Get your shit straight.

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