Leighton Meester Dishes on Chair

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In a recent video interview with People magazine, Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester offers some insight and a behind-the-scenes look at what's to come for Chair in the upcoming third season of the hit show. Suffice it to say, we're excited.

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[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-leighton-on-chair/" title="Gossip Girl: Leighton on Chair"] [/video]

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i love it when ed westwick speaks normally (his brit accent)!


Are Chuck and Blair doing the 'Eye's Wide Shut' thing? Like how Chuck discovered Elle? Maybe this is the game Chuck is introducing Blair to. Who knows. They will certainly keep entertaining us. They have so much onscreen chemistry that they will never be a boring old couple! Not Chair!


Seriously some of you guys are overreacting everything's FINE with CB!!! He just said one sentence GOSH!!! Plus it's the first episode. Everyone is talking about one thing he said I'd rather talk about the angry sex. So anyway I'm exited about CB obviously also about Carter and Serena.
Ps: I love that Leighton and Jess are such good friends. I knew they got along but since recently it seems like they are Bff!!!


This is off topic but I love hearing Ed Westwick's British accent :-D


I think chuck and blair will be fine. They love eachother! Have faith people :p Can't wait till September! xo


i agree with chuck_ftw (love the name btw lol)


serena was saying that college was about to start soon and she was asking blair what happens if she is too late one day and chuck kissed someone else or worse


"Perhaps Vanessa and Blair could be friends" It was funny when Leighton answered "I...doubt it" (like don't think so) hahaha.


why are people worried? there are a lot of spoilers saying that cb are not breaking up anytime soon... it's just a game between them, it's chuck and blair we're talking about, they love the drama and the games... cant wait for next season, and i disagree with the person who said that they are acting like a 40 old married couple, they are not like that at all, they are so much more interesting


Yes, dani! It's great thing :)
I think that Chuck and Blair are always together, even when they aren't holding hands or whoever they try to dating with. Like in GG S1, S2. I'm sure they'll to the Chair couple also intresting, we haven't seen them like that together. Btw. I find that weird that Jessica did interview with cast.

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