Luke Conley, More to Love Producer Preview New Dating Show

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More to Love premieres on Fox next week.

Why should you tune in to this over-sized version of The Bachelor? Because star Luke Conley is someone to cheer for, says Luke Conley.

"The Bachelor is about beautiful people living a beautiful life and hopefully finding a beautiful love,"said Conley, pictured.  "This show is like a sporting event.  You're rooting for someone to find love."

Luke Conley Picture

Added executive producer SallyAnn Salsano:

"Every girl in America feels self-conscious and uncomfortable. But these girls have lived it for so long that this is almost like a safe haven for them.  Everyone was afraid to come on this show and be made fun of."

As for Conley, Salsano said he was a natural choice for the dating series.

"We all fell in love with Luke because he is so genuine. He makes the girls feel comfortable."

Will you tune in for More to Love?

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TV Show - More to Love Why were the producers so cheap that they took back the DIAMOND RINGS? Luke said I give you this ring. There was NO MENTION of giving them back (I watched this part twice).


I dont agree with this show not because they are overweight its because it is assuming that overweight girls can only be matched up with another overweight person!
I know alot of men who do like meat on their women and I think this show is a joke, and doing more harm then good!

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