Relationship Confirmed for The Big Bang Theory Season Three

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Perhaps having learned a lesson from shows that dragged out possible relationships for far too long (see Anatomy, Grey's), The Big Bang Theory isn't messing around with two of its main characters any longer.

When the sitcom come back for a third season - following the main quartet's return from its Arctic adventure - Penny and Leonard will give dating a try.

"we’re going to pursue a relationship between these two characters,” executive producer Chuck Lorre told TV Guide Magazine. “After the dance they’ve been doing for two years, it’s the right thing to do.”

Okay, guys. It looks like we can all start hating actor Johnny Galecki now.

Penny and Leonard

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You people crazy? Penny and Sheldon wouldnt make a great couple. From the first episode, chemistry between Leonard and Penny is clear. He loves her and we know it and she likes him it's clear! Of course, Sheldon/Penny interaction are hilarious, but not in a relationship! It would ruin all the fun of it. We've been waiting for Leonard & Penny to be together, and it would bring a new flavour to the show having a actual real relationship. It would bring some awkardness in the gang to!


I think that Leonard is just awkward and weird to look at especially that annoying face he makes, fans of the show know what I'm talking about, but who else is Penny going to be with on the show, really? But they need to keep Sheldon/Penny the same, I mean without that it just wouldn't be as funny and definitely doesn't fit Sheldon to be in a relationship with her.


Over the Leonard and Penny thing. I feel awkward watching the show and seeing them together. It's like they're both hanging on for the sake of it. Let it go.


I love TBBT, But grow bored of the Penny and Leonard Thing.
I wouldn't want to watch another season of this. there is no romantic chemsitry and little "comedic chemsitry" for this couple. There is chemsitry Between Penny and Sheldon. Not sure that it should take the romantic turn yet, but it would be good to see them spend more time together. Flatmates or something.


Oh NO....when there is no sparks...there is none....I in fact would love to see what happen if Sheldon feels for


I don't think I would want a relationship between Sheldon and Penny. It's not because I don't see the chemistry. Trust me I do. It's just I've always thought that their relationship was more similar to that of a relationship between a brother and sister. I can't really see them together romantically mostly because Sheldon doesn't seem like the person who would date someone else. In all honesty I like him the way that he is.


This show is absolutely superb and the tension between the two is hilarious. Adding the two characters together to be dating will be interesting and I believe add a new dimension to the show.


I am at a loss for how anyone could think Penny and Sheldon have chemistry. Sheldon is far too self-absorbed and difficult to have a relationship with anyone. If anything, Penny was sweeter to him at the start of the show. Now her tolerance for him is considerably lower, leading to more arguments and battles of will between the two. Their banter is hardly romantic - it's just pure comedy. The Leonard/Penny relationship is a little inconsistent but has potential. We'll see how it is handled this coming season.


i would like to remind all you 'sheldon/penny' fans that they do not have chemistry. Sheldon doesn't have chemistry with anyone, which makes him the great character he is! Remember people barely know how he ended up with friends... the man doesn't even understand sarcasm, let alone a intimate relationship.
but i dont like that leonard is with penny, that just doesnt seem to work
i'd like to see howard grow and maybe get a real girlfriend for a bit.


Funny stuff in these comments... the Sheldon/Penny "relationship"? What're you guys smokin'? The only kind of relationship Sheldon has is either with his work or within one of his role-playing games. But with real, live people? That idea is even funnier than the show. He has no interest in Penny, nor does she have any in him... no attraction, no nothin'. You guys need to go back to your "reality" TV shows--where everything is just as unreal as your perceptions here. Thanks for the chuckle. :D

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