Spotted on 90210 Set: Trevor Donovan, Cute Gals

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The reaction on our 90210 forum to the casting of Trevor Donovan has been mixed, at best.

Many fans think the former model and Days of Our Lives star is simply too old to pass for a high school student. It's hard to argue with that.

But female critics may change their mind after viewing a couple shots of Donovan on the 90210 set. Looks like his character of Teddy will be a surfer...

Trevor Donovan, 90210
90210 Set Pic


Meanwhile, a trio of foxy ladies were also spotted relaxing between takes. What do you think of Silver's new haircut?

Gals of 90210

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Silver is my fav cast in 90210...teddy suppose to be a class teacher in that... he looks so stupid in
well silver was so pretty with long hair y she cut that?? i mean shes is looking good but not that good as she was in season 1.. but i like silver anyhow... and she should b with dixon not with teddy


Trevor is beautiful. just know he'll be my favorite this season, because he turns me on hehe


I will watch this gorgeous man anytime MORE PLZ! thanks for stepping it up CW - FYI muscles are very hot


So excited about the addition of Trevor Donovan. I've been a viewer since the 90's. I didn't watch season 1 but i'm going to watch now.... i don't feel as guilty now lusting after a guy on 90210. Make sure there are plenty of shirtless shots of him.


I'm so happy they went older all the young 20 yr olds sucked the older ones like Navid 29 and Liam 27 are better to watch and the new guy Teddy, forget about it his body is shredded and his lips are super sexy. thanks for him


Dang that boy is hot! and Anna Lynn looks 50


Trevor is smoking hot don't care his age and he's sexier than all the other guys. About time they got a blond hunk


adrianna looks about 30 with long hair, i miss it short


P.S. Teddy isn't supposed to be in school he's a past graduate of WBHS so he is older.


I also like Silver better with long hair.. and Ade with short hair =)

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