Taylor Momsen Speaks on Band, Vampires

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Taylor Momsen might want to consider auditioning for a role in New Moon.

The Gossip Girl star-turned-punk rocker has been keeping some late hours these days moonlighting as a rock star in her band, The Pretty Reckless.

"I'm nocturnal," Momsen told MTV News. "I'm a vampire, I decided."

"I write at night," the 15-year-old continued. "I don't write a song; I write in a stream of consciousness. I never edit everything. I have books of lyrics. You can write about a hundred songs from it, but I try to pick one stream."

Taylor Momsen said she had been hard at work on her music long before she formed a band and got a record deal - so much so that she's been writing for awhile now.

"I wrote the whole record first before I looked for a band, really," she said.

Aspiring Vampire

The debut Pretty Reckless album, which drops in the fall, will cover a wide range of topics, none of which you should analyze as direct comments about her life.

"A lot of the songs aren't specific," she said.

"I write about how I feel and what I think and what's influencing me at that moment. It's not necessarily about a boyfriend, even though it might sound like it."

"Every lyric has at least four different undertones. There's a light version. Then there's a really, really demented version. There's different ways to see it. That's the way I like it, 'cause I don't want you to know everything about me."

But there is one thing about her she wants to clear up. Thanks to her life as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, Momsen knows how powerful rumors can be.

And there's one particularly crazy rumor she insists just isn't true.

"I don't really Google myself," she said.

"I try not to. I read somewhere there was this whole blog about how I shoot heroin. I was like, 'Guys, I don't shoot heroin.' Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's obscene. I like Kurt Cobain, but I'm not trying to emulate him."

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ooooh,she knows who kurt cobain is!i think i liked her better when she didnt seem sooooo...stuck up?


Oh, and I don't mind how she dresses. To each their own fashion and style. Personally I'm glad that teenagers in the music industry are attempting to divert their attentions away from the Hannah Montana's of the generation. It's just what she's saying that gets on my nerves.


"I don't write a song; I write in a stream of consciousness." - Seriously? Is she pulling this crap out of her ass or what? I've never heard a load of bull laid on this thick before in my life.


i agree with Eldrea's comment
shes such a wannabe punk rocker


PS: totaly agree with Donteffwithandeffer and simmilar comments!


You know if Taylor Momsen was a 15 year old boy on Gossip Girl she would be hailed by fans for being 'SO HOT AND SOO COOL' for her new image! But because she is a girl she gets called a liar, a fake, punk rock wannabe by her own sex. Its pathetic that we praise men but can't see our own sex in a good light, seeing any flaw in their appearance and style choices. ugh, grow up!


Eeehm. You can't audition for New Moon? You got asked - or not.


sorry taylor, apparently if you're not a processed little disney brat and don't like sunshine and lollypops, you are being 'fake' and a 'liar', even if people have no clue who you are! you can't POSSIBLY like punk, and this obviously isn't the real you because these people know you so much better than you know yourself.


I agree why do people assume she is lying just because she prefers a darker look to the 'disney' child style. Face it people alot of teenagers these days dress, act and like that style and everything that comes along with it. Not every teen celeb has to look, sound and have the same beliefs as people like miley cyrus. But hey I guess having a brain these days really does not matter if you dont have the right look!


I think you guys just aren't okay with her style. Get over it. So what if she wears darker clothes or is 'punk'? It's her choice! Nearly every teen goes through that phase - I sure did. So stop hating and let her be.


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