The Real Housewives of New York City Casting Update: Farewell, Jill and Ramona?

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The Real Housewives of New York City has been renewed for a third season on Bravo. It will premiere in early 2010.

But questions still surround at least two original cast members, as the network is openly auditioning new, rich women for a role on the series.

The newest trouble maker, Kelly Bensimon, won't be replaced, however. She was actually the first to sign on again, according to insiders at E! News.

"She is considered the most hated woman in New York and will do anything to reverse that opinion," said a source, not giving any credence to the levels of vitriol aimed in NYC at Ruth Madoff.

The Real Housewives of New York City Cast

As for Bethenny Frankel, who recently got engaged to Jason Hoppy? Count her in, as well.

"Bethenny Frankel loves being part of the Bravo family, and if invited back, she will 100 percent RSVP for the Real Housewives party," said her rep.

So, who does that leave out?

Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer are reportedly holding out for more money. These two believe they are the most integral stars on the show, though sources say Bravo isn't giving in to their demands.

"Bravo put out that press release saying they're casting for new housewives because Jill and Ramona are playing hardball," said an insider.

Should the show go on without this pair? Or do anything in its power to re-sign them? You tell us!

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Everyone should be replaced ,except for Ramona. They are so rude and have no class. They are so dumb.


i couldnt care less if jill comes back. what a snob. alex was exactly right. jill puts on that ridiculous horse grin like she is just as pleasant as can be, when in fact, she is not. I think we saw just how much she thinks of herself and how entitled she thinks she is when she told alex not to ever speak to her like that! Jill zarin absolutly epitimizes the new york jewish princess stereotype; gaudy, nasaly, rude, and completly self absorbed.
as for the fit she pitched about not being told about b's dad dying, are u serious? bethenny tried to tell her. alex tried to tell her. she did not want to know anything about b and she made it very clear. what a bitch.
and before i close...jill on ice? OMG does she even know how old she is? Gross!


I'm STARTLED that people think Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer are "integral" to this show. Just look at the Real Housewives of New Jersey: a completely new cast and far more interesting than anyone in New York. The problem with the New York cast is that too many people hated them all. They need more protagonists. And the easy fix is to replace Jill and Ramona. In fact Ramona was mostly absent for the first half of the season and brings the least to the table. There must be many more socialites in New York who are far more interesting than Jill and Ramona...who also compromise themselves by refusing to interact with two of the other housewives.


Please, there are no more spoiled, petty, and self obsessed women in NY? So easy to replace!!


But if Jill doesn't skip a season, how can she have a triumphant return, like Kristin on "The Hills"? Or like Spencer and Heidi on "IACGMOH"? Think!


If Bravo is smart they will do what ever it takes to bring back Jill Zarin. All of the blogs are saying that they will boycott the show if Jill isn't on the next season.