Tyra Banks to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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OMFG, Gossip Girl fans.

And we don't mean that in a cool, sexy way at all.

Tyra Banks has signed on to appear in an episode of The CW hit this fall. The self-centered talk host will show up as an actress. Her character co-stars in a movie opposite a character played by Hilary Duff, another episode four guest star.

Banks hasn’t acted on a series since 2004, when she appeared in an episode of American Dreams. Sadly, though, she's been on our televisions screens a lot since then.

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your are so pretty! i look up to you! you are the perfect role moldel anyone could have!


hi tyra i love you sienpre teves bella que dios te bendiga


that is really rude to say, tyra has been really sucessful to let you know. i think she was would really fit into the whole glamorous life style. so i would shut you big rude ass mouth. because trya is the shit. she made glamorous, you'd probably be happier to see paris hilton on gossip girls wouldn't you. an they actually need some diversity anyway they make you think the only people that are rich in the US is caucasian. but thank god there is only one african american on that show and what one asian they should put a middle eastern in there because they much tons of money i'm just saying you need to be more open minded, ignorance isn't bliss honey it's just make you look stupid.

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