Bethenny Frankel: Returning to The Real Housewives of New York City

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There was talk of a Bethenny Frankel reality show.

There was also talk of a lawsuit.

As a result of the latter, the former is no longer taking place and Frankel has confirmed her third season return to The Real Housewives of New York City.

“I’m definitely going to do the Housewives this season,” she said to People over the weekend. “It’s been great... I love it. I understand we start filming [season 3] in September.”


When told that series rival Kelly Bensimon wanted to rehabilitate her image, Frankel replied: “Good luck with that. Am I helping? No.”

Don't worry, Bethenny. We never dreamed you would.

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re: kelly, i forgot all about her, ugh, Was hoping the show wouldnt bring her back again, Arent there any other socialites that are attractive and younger that could be cast as a little bit of a rivalry to bethany, but not as overly weird as kelly is. (kelly did "look" nice on the reunion show, but she struggles everytime she opens her mouth with a thought and its tiring and boring, not as pretty as she thinks she is anymore. Bring on someone new and fresh to the show like the oc cast does, but bring on a new yorker that is witty like bethany and has her own life going on too!


wow rhofNY needs bethany, tho, what will they do when she does her own show, basically NY is already bethany's show. Great news that she is engaged, hope they have a wonderful life, great marriage and beautiful babies together :)


bethany's cutest scenes were on her date with phillipe, they were so cute together, he is so beautiful, Bethany was at her best when she was playful and flirty with him.