Casting News: Lie to Me, Parks and Recreation

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A couple of quick casting tidbits from the week:

  • On September season premiere of Lie to Me, look for Michael Raymond James to guest star in an unannounced role. The actor appeared on the first season of True Blood as the serial killer Rene. He's also shown up on Boston Legal and Cold Case, among other shows.
  • Comedian Louis C.K. (pictured) has signed on for a multi-episode Parks and Recreation arc. He'll play a Pawnee police officer and potential love interest for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler).
Louis C.K.

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Lie to Me Quotes

Here's the problem, Martin Walker is a psychopath and probably a killer. Just though you should know.

Cal Lightman

Martin Walker: A good chess player thinks five moves ahead.
Cal Lightman: Great chess players only think one move ahead, but it's always the right move.