Caught Kissing: Adrianna and Teddy!

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You might wanna look away, Navid.

As we inch closer to season two of 90210, it's clear that this once-engaged character will lose his former fiancee to another man.

In shots from the second season set below, Adrianna is kissing someone that's clearly not the guy with whom she ended season one. Below, that's Trevor Donovan's Teddy.

Sorry, Navid. Hopefully, you at least got to bed with Adrianna before she dropped you for someone else...

Face Sucking
Adrianna and Teddy


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OH MY FREAKING GOOOSSSHH!!!! I`m totally speechless right now. Why on earth would the writers distroy Adrianna/Navid when they were such an epic and amazing couple?!! If they do break them up, that`s it I`m NOT watching 90210 ever again!!!!


I think it would be a little dumb for Adrianna to want to be with this guy. When you find a guy like Navid who will stick with you through ANYTHING... why would you want another guy?


no no no Navid and Adrianna forever if these guys break up then I'm not watch 90210 anymore they are the only reason why I keep watching.


I don't hate Adrianna. Everyone knew they weren't going to last forever but i still really hope that they do get back together.


that looks like sliver but ... if it really is adrianna ... ahhhhhhh 90210 is over!!
poor navid ... i officially hate adrianna!!


Is that really Adrianna? Kinda looks like that Phoebe chick...


ARG!! Someone needs to find out what happened!! I LOVE Adriana and Navid - I'm SO ANGRY!!

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