Chace Crawford Channels '50s in New Photo Shoot

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Tattoos? Slicked back hair?

Who is this guy and what has he done with Chace Crawford?

The 24-year-old star of Gossip Girl and the upcoming Footloose remake has adopted a tough, stylish '50s persona - for a story in Interview magazine.

"It's good to switch things up," Crawford said of the new image he adopted for the photo shoot. "I did all of this stuff early, and they always wanted the same thing, the same look, the same deal, and I'd think, 'That's not what it's about.' "

Out of His Element
C-Craw Pic

Crawford is branching out from Nate Archibald with his acting roles, too, playing a drug dealer in Twelve and getting his funk on with the new Footloose.

"I'm going to try to get shredded," he says.

"My flexibility has already gone up like double ... There's some kickboxing, some Muay Thai in there. And I'm learning fundamentals like breakdancing."

So far, he tells the magazine, the Footloose preparations are going well. "I'm confident because I knew I had rhythm, and I'm athletic," Crawford says.

"I know I have rhythm, I have it in my brain. And I'm a quick learner."

Click to enlarge more Chace Crawford pictures from Interview:

Just a True Hunk
Interview Photo
Slicked Back Chace
1950s Style
Inked Up

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ok seriously doesnt look good at all.


Chace reminds me of Shia Labeouf in Indy 4 in these pictures. >< So cute


Just Chacelicious as always...he can´t help it! I know he tries hard no to be so hot, but...what can he do right?? (lolxD) Hey! I don´t think ggi needs a new layout :(...maybe you could just change the picture above and play with some more colors...but don´t change it completely!!!


he is so handsome


He looks handsome there :P and really cool photos, like them. btw, yes, ggi needs a new layout :D


OMG I am not feeling this AT ALL. You've got to have a bad boy attitude to pull this off (see: Ed Westwick) and sadly Chase is lacking in that department. Not that I don't love him, I just think it's not a style that suits him.


he looks sooo handsome...! but i want your old hair chaceee,on season 2!!!


he looks so handsome.. and i'm not missing his man bangs at all!


Hey, other people think ggi needs a new layout too. Cool. Chace looks hot in this, love him!


soo lovin the mafioso look...i love you chace!!! he so damn hot!


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