Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart: Expecting?

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Maybe not yet, but the Grey's Anatomy star is the subject of such speculation after a romantic stay at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif., on August 21.

How could Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart be so lighthearted after the release of what could be a career-killing sex tape (or just naked tape) last week?

Because they may be expecting a little McSteamy!

Or at least trying for one.

Baby McSteamy?

"Having a baby has been a top priority of the past six months," reveals a friend of the couple.

Another source says that Rebecca, 38, and Grey's Anatomy hunk Eric, 36, have actually had trouble conceiving since they eloped to Las Vegas in 2004.

Some sources say Rebecca's finally 3-4 months pregnant. While we're hesitant to believe that, the couple is said to be trying harder than ever to have kids.

"She turned down a role on Gossip Girl because she didn't want to be away from Eric or travel that far. It was bad for her health," the insider says. "She also turned down a Hallmark movie and a Lifetime movie because she is trying to have a baby."

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Maria, that video is about three years old. Hopefully by now she has already kicked the habit. They are trying to move on with their lives, let's let them to that. :)


Rebecca Gayheart or whatever her name is... is looking after her health in order to have a baby?! Our guys kidding?! She's full on drugs as anyone can conclude from the video you've published a so many days ago, and you are telling us that they're trying to have a baby!?! Either they are ridiculous or you are, but trust me, the audience isn't.


Actually, they kind of make a good couple. :)


I think ED's agent would want to get out positive news regarding his 'beleagured' client, so the leaking of this story makes me question its truth. But if a baby appears next year we'll know it's true.


Well, I think so... a while ago there was this article about them... i'll try to find it, one moment... Wouldn't it be cool though if they were actually dating? :)


Hold on...Sandra Oh is dating Eric Stoltz? Cool...if it's true too. :)


Congratulations to Eric and Rebecca (if it's true). Although the GG thing...the Humphrey's mom appeared back in S1 (it's about to premiere the third season) and left by Christmas, so it's unlikely that by the time they filmed those episodes, Rebecca would've been pregnant. smoker, the sex tape that LM had turns out it wasn't that great and it even wasn't her. So much for the theory there. Several reports came about that (never saw the tape, so dunno).


grey's anatomy are changing title in pregnancies's anatomy aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh good -happy,


Eric is 36?? Thought he was way older


firstly, sorry for my english who cares about this couple, she's near forty and she abuse of three ds (drugs, drunk, drive) just like any other actress/singer....of course they don't care about anything except themselves, if she doesn't want to work, worse for her or better or whatever can we forget that tape before someone (abc) fire dr sloan? pretty please moreover, it's said that blair (I don't know her real name) from gossip girl has one SEX tape really great and sexual, papparazi go for that and forget about eric dane!

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