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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE that Chair is together:) yep, almost everyone on this site is a CHAIR fan, so now we know who the real stars are in GG. I have nothing against Vanessa coz i just..don't care about her enough. whether she's there or not there, it really doesn't make a difference to me cuz no matter how annoying she n how badly she interferes with the other characters life, we'll still get a happy ending at some point. have to suffer for it though:) I think Jess Szhor is gorgeous and awesome, too bad she's playing V:)

well, bring on season 3 already!!!


ah im in love with chair.
and really ppl, vanessa is not worth fighting over.


i used to tolerate vanessa/jessica but when i started surfing this website, i began to hate her because 1) she stole ed, making her the only thing between him and leighton (lol) and 2) vanessa is, like irrelevant. i liked her when she was with nate but now? ehhhh...

"blair and chuck are madly in love" that's all i needed to hear :)


scott tells her the truth at episode 3. i think bree is cute,


ok, some people like Vanessa and some people don't, lets stop fighting about it. I wonder what Bree's going to be like personality-wise? Is she going to be really evil or really nice? and I'm dsperate to see how the Serena/Carter storyline plays out, Hopefully we'll get some good CB scenes and find out what Jenny's going to be like as queen! Dan seems to have gotten a lot more laid back in college lol,I'd like to see him and Vanessa get together! I wonder if Vanessa knows Scotts Dan's half-brother when she kissed him, other wise that'll be awkward finding out, lol!


vanessa was not in season 2 frist episodes and now she is! suck these haters! lol!


i love vanessa abrams.haters get over your self!


i LOVE CHAIR! but i still cant believe what GG insider posted like a week ago about chuk kissing another guy!!! i cant believe it!



it is not blair fans !! it is chair fans !!! why you just put it on blair fans if u can see u will notice all here chair fans !!


So excited for season 3! Chuck and Blair forever!
btw, Vanessa is amazing!!!

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