Gossip Girl Set Photos: A Glamorous Jessica

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We know Vanessa Abrams does not have as many fans in the Gossip Girl fan community as other characters. That's putting it mildly, according to our own Gossip Guy.

But there's no denying how glamorous Jessica Szohr looks in this photo taken on the set of the show today. Now this is a side of Vanessa we rarely get to see.

Clearly, she's attending some sort of high-society event ... but what?

Gorgeous Jessica

What do you suppose Vanessa is all dressed up for?

As you can see, Jessica's real-life boyfriend Ed Westwick was shooting scenes with her. Comment with your theories on what is going on in these scenes, and click to enlarge plenty more photos from the New York set of our favorite show today ...

Duff and Dog
The Penn is ...
Ed and Jess Pic
Jed Photograph
All Dressed Up and ...
Jed Pic
J-Szo Pic
Settle For the Best
Jacket in Hand
Not Quite Ready For Action
All Decked Out

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i think this is for rufus and lily's wedding. i read that the fifth episode is the wedding episode.


facy dress for a poor girl who couldn't afford her own rent in season one!

Vanessa fun

i think jess is gorgeous!


Sucker4chair, People can be meam spirited and jealous. Some chair fans living in a fantasy world are pisssed off that ed and jessica are in a relationship beyond the show. Some loony Chair fans don't understand that "gossip girl" is fiction and get upset at any sign of a possible vanessa/chuck pairing. Some loons go crazy if chuck and vanessa have filmed a scence together. Some chair fans take loony to a new level and seem pathetic, some of the comments posted on here about vanessa/jessica are cruel and make absolutely no sense. It doesn't matter to some chair fans that leighton has a boyfriend and is in a serious relaionship, but regardless leighton and ed are soulmates and should be together on and off the show forever, creepy.


Would someone please explain to me why Vanessa is so hated in the GG community?


ok she looks BAD


Jessica looks gorgeous as always. Haters are so sad and pathetic most of you probally look like trannies. Haters, why not post pictures of yourselves on the internet and let other people judge your looks!


Can someone pleeeeasse help me ID the designer of this dress! I love it!


hate vanessa's caracter,in the serie and in the books. and I agre completly with Rose Lane.


that dress looks nice on her, maybe they should rethink the hair though...0_0
I think Jessica herself is really pretty, but they dress her up so badly.


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