Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: More on George's Funeral

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As we know, following a tragic bus accident, one of Seattle Grace's own has passed away. The emotional impact will be wide-ranging, and the aftershocks not likely to fade quickly.

George O’Malley’s funeral on the heartbreaking Grey’s Anatomy season opener on September 24 (a two-hour affair) will reverberate through the halls of Seattle Grace long after the dead surgeon's casket has been closed, according to TV Guide.

Nearly everyone will be present - including a frail Izzie in a headscarf - to mourn George’s passing at a graveside service attended by George’s mom (but not by his ex, Callie). A show source tells me that Meredith will deal with the death in a “very Meredith-like” way.

“The doctors are processing this huge moment of grief,” Jessica Capshaw, whose Dr. Arizona Robbins will be holding down the fort and attending to patients, says.

“My character previously lost her brother, so I’ll be helping Callie process this horrible loss.”

Likewise, Dr. Owen Hunt will be assisting Cristina through her mourning.

George Funeral Scene

“Owen is so used to losing colleagues that he’ll become a rock for others to help them deal with it,” says Kevin McKidd about his Iraq-vet character. “Cristina is in denial about it, and he’s there for her at that moment when she actually realizes what has happened.”

Cristina is also expected to finally open up to Owen about her baggage with her ex, Dr. Preston Burke, who left her at the altar in 2007. And later on in the upcoming season, a hospital vacancy will be filled by someone who shares a past with Owen.

That, Kevin promises, will “shake things up.”

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