How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: The Future of Barney and Robin

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Fans of the funniest sitcom on TV know they can look forward to hilarious How I Met Your Mother quotes this fall.

But there's one show storyline viewers are unsure about: the future of Barney and Robin. Can they really make it as a couple?

Let's find out, courtesy of producer Carter Bays.

“It’s been fun discovering what they’re like in a couple. We’ve seen Robin in a relationship with Ted; we know she can do it. But for Barney, this is undiscovered country. As an adult, he’s never had a relationship. He had a girlfriend in college who totally broke his heart and sent him on this journey towards becoming Barney, and he’s been [the same] since," he said to Entertainment Weekly.

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Bays also said the pair's relationship will “have repercussions for everyone,” especially Ted. He said:

“We’re exploring how Ted deals with the fact that his ex-girlfriend and best friend are now dating. And we’ll see how Marshall and Lily deal with the fact that there’s another couple in the group. It’s giving us a lot of juice for the first half of the season.”

New episodes of How I Met Your Mother return on September 21.

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Robin n Barney r made for each other!!


I agree with you Ianne, as much as I like Barney and Robin together I would love this show to come to an end as soon as possible, cos they keep on complicating the whole relationship thing btwn Robin, Ted and Barney. Pls end this show nicely and ASAP before you run out of silly ideas thereby spoiling the show for the viewers.


No, Barney and Robin are not good together at all. In fact, they really suck badly as a couple. Robin should marry Ted! Bays, please don't disappoint viewers!


I really want Robyn & Braney to end up together!!! I don't think it should happen straight away but I definitely think they should realise they are meant for each other at some point down the line...after all they are!!


love barney and robin together, but i do feel bad for Ted, especially after what he said to stella in the car in "As fast as she can episode." even if he is sincerely ok with his wingman and ex-gf getting together, it must kill him to know that barney - come on, BARNEY! - found true love before he did. but on the other hand, i don't think Barney and Robin will disregard their friends feelings about them as a couple, especially Barney. I mean, as much as he loves Robin, he loves Ted even more. I'm sorry, Robin. Like Barney said before, "I'm his best friend, that's a commitment. Girlfriend, that's like a bad flu..." i don't think barney will make any move towards a real relationship with Robin until he completely fulfilled his wingman duties to Ted.


well, with Bays last statement, at least it seems like barney and robin will last for more than a couple of episodes, thank God. as much as i love Barney and Robin together (come on, four seasons of build up), i really dunno how the writers can make them last for a entire season and beyond. what i hate most about my fave characters finally getting together is the inevitable break-up. As pointed out by Bays, they already have one steady couple in the show. it's kinda like a catch-22, pair everyone up and the show ends sooner, break them up, the but AAHHHH! i'll just enjoy Robin and Barney while they last.

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