Jayma Mays: Returning to Heroes

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Jayma Mays is not leaving her role as Emma Pillsbury on Glee.

But the actress is returning to Heroes for an episode, as Entertainment Weekly reports she'll reprise her role as Charlie.

Hiro and Charlie

A diner waitress, Charlie fell in love with Hiro on season one, only to pass away from a terminal illness. This fall, after Hiro himself is diagnosed with a disease, he'll travel back and forth through time in order to fulfill various dreams and desires.

Yes, a lot more time-traveling is in store. Does this make you groan or jump with joy?

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Um... correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Sylar kill her? I believe that was in the "7 Minutes to Midnight" episode (the one before "Homecoming"). He was watching her at the restaurant, sliced her head open, and left. I think i remember Ando mentioning something about her brain being gone. I felt really bad for Hiro that he was unable to prevent it after he went back in time, i really liked him and Charlie together. Still i can't say i'm optimistic about this. But the show still manages to surprise me occasionally. I hated the idea of Sylar with a son but they pulled that off really well. Maybe this will be like that...


I liked Charlie but if they find a way to save her, that will ruin a huge plot point in Season One.
Also Sezza has a point about Adam as well. He died in the stupidest way possible and had the potential to bea major villain.
It seems the writers are content with just one major villain.


Hiro CAN'T save her (thanks to this storyline I finally understand time travel paradoxes and now I do I know it's impossible to save her without ripping apart the space-time continuuim *sp?*) but now it seems they probably have the same illness. Maybe he'll just go back for some comfort or something.
I always liked Charlie so I'll be pleased to see it.
Will he also go back and see Yaeko (probably not cos everyone slags off volume 2 even though volume 3 was so much worse!)?
I hope so, as they were so cute and he truly loved her (and, unless you read and believe the book could have happened which has so many contradictions I can't personally, he didn't even kiss Charlie).
I'd like him to see both, and that would also give us the bonus of him potentially bumping into Adam (who so shouldn't have been killed off in such a lame way).

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