Katherine Heigl Throws Ellen Pompeo a Baby Shower

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Pregnant Ellen Pompeo was joined by 25 friends - including Grey's Anatomy co-star Sandra Oh, Private Practice leading lady Kate Walsh and Eric Dane's wife Rebecca Gayheart - for a baby shower held Saturday afternoon at Katherine Heigl's home.

Heigl lives in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Ellen Pompeo and her husband of almost two years, Chris Ivery, are expecting a little baby girl in October.

"Ellen looked gorgeous in a white summer dress with her hair in a braided up-do. She seemed very excited to celebrate with her girlfriends," a close source said.

The catered, outdoor bash was held in the back yard. Umbrellas shielded guests from the heat, while pink flower arrangements and candles accented the tables.

Guests brought gifts wrapped in girly pink and yellow colors.

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Many of the adorable gifts – which included a Sleep Sheep toy mobile, Sleepy Safari stacking toys, organic hooded towels and a Kiddopotamus organic swaddle wrap – came straight from the Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks, Calif., where Pompeo is registered.

Earlier in the day, Ellen Pompeo and friend Nicole Richie – who also is pregnant right now, with her second child with rocker Joel Madden – shared some time together.

She has certainly not let her pregnancy slow her down.

When not busy filming episodes of Grey's Anatomy, she keeps in shape with workout sessions at the gym. In addition, she and Ivery are remodeling their new home.

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Ellen and Nicole are friends? I didn't know that.. oh well. That was really nice of KH.


It's a girl?! OMG! I'm so happy to hear that! Gosh! I'm sure she'll have a beautiful baby girl!


Ellen must be due to start her maternity leave soon? There is going to be such a big hole without Meredith for a few episodes. I'm just wondering how they are going to write a plot to explain her absence


That was sweet of Katie!
I hope Ellen had a great shower!


I love watching ellen pompeo on GA and i do wish that her pregnancy was put into the show but i don't know how they could have done it because she was already six months pregnant when they shot the first episode! im really glad its a girl and i will so be on the internet when she has her and i will be looking up some goody ole pics!! if anybody has ANY information, please email me about Grey's Anatomy because i am countin down the days! and if anyone says they are a bigger fan of grey's than i am-you better sleep with one eye open tonight!!!!-grr


So cute! It's nice of Katherine to do that for her colleague :)


i see some pics of them, they are dress all white , only kt was dressed in black...ellen was wonderful in this meet..


glad to hear about the shower,so I guess that's been confirmed now that Ellen is having a baby girl. I'm sure she will be adorable. Hope they can work it out so Ellen won't miss that much of Greys.


Yeah, I'm glad KH was the one who threw it for her too :)


I was wondering if anyone was going to give her a shower. Glad it was KH.
Ellen looks so adorable and amazing!


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