Leave it to Lamas: Coming in October

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Who wouldn't wanna follow around the life of a woman that was once engaged to Bachelor Matt Grant?!?

That's what E! is thinking, as it's officially announced the premiere date for Leave it to Lamas, a series that will focus on Shayne Lamas.

Pic of Shayne Lamas

The program will kick off on Sunday, October 11, immediately after The Girls Next Door, which will feature Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends, Crystal Harris and the Shannon Twins.

Also featured on this family series, which E! clearly hopes will repeat the success of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, will be:

  • Shayne's father Lorenzo Lamas, a former TV star that served as a judge on ABC's short-lived 2003 Are You Hot?;
  • Shayne's brother A.J., who dated Lindsay Lohan;
  • Shayne's sister Dakota.

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she is just perfect


This woman is an idiot - she sounds just like the girl from Daisy of Love and looks like her when she has ALL of that makeup on - this picture she looks soooo much better without all of that makeup.


i have absolutely no idea who she is or her family. From the sound of it- from reading the bio- they havent done much of anything. The brother dated Lynsdey lohan- i dont think thats much of a compliment, nor anything to be proud of. The dad was on some show in 2003? Ad who is she again? Even after looking a her picture, I still don't know who she is. This i the most time I will contribute to them or the show-not interested-and thats too bad. tv really sucks right now so I am just waiting for a good show to come on.not another trashy low budget reality show. enjoy ur 15min.