Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick: One Elle of a Photo

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Get ready for Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass as you've never seen them.

Or at least the smokin' hot stars who play your Gossip Girl favorites.

Elle has an upcoming feature on Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, and as you can see, one photo has been leaked. They are looking very goth, and glam ... and hot.

Look at the placement of Ed's hand, the expression his face. Look at Leighton's bad girl look and provocative pose. Sure they're dating other people, but what chemistry!

OMFG, is all we can say. Someone crack a window!

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Picture

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OMFG this is so amazing its an amazing picture the chemistry is there and it is intense. Why arent they together in real life??!!


OMFG! He is staring right at her you know what. They look so good together.


Triple hot!
Ed Westwick blows my mind.
That single expression is so sizzlin'!
And Leighton...geez! Envious right now.


WOWWWWWW! Who are they trying to fool??? What do their partners think? This shot is the epitome of raw chemistry and lust. Can't wait for the hot angry chair scenes on screen. I will scream with ecstasy!


OMG!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Can't wait to buy the magazine.


New Wallpaper, check!
OMG these two are so friggin gorgeous but together they are HOT.
This is why we love Chair. They don't even have to be speaking a word and the chemistry just jumps off the page, he's not even looking at the camera and you can still tell how in to eachother they are.
This is like total foreplay position, if I were Leighton I would have to go take a cold shower after this photoshoot...


I've said it before : Leighton has the best job in the whole world. She gets to have Ed stroke her inner leg AND she's getting paid!!!


They look perfect and hot!! LOVED IT!
The kinda goth style really suits them. Way better than that old-90's-grunge-wannabe style that Taylor Momsen tries so hard to keep (yes, there's no post where we cannot find a reason to bitch about her xD) \o/


it's getting hot in here! these two are just absolutely gorgeous together!


I cannot wait to buy the magazine and see the pictures. It better be soon!

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