New Lie to Me Writer Promises More Adrenaline, Juice on Season Two

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Shawn Ryan created The Shield, the grittiest, most exhilarating, flat out best show in the history of television.

We aren't exaggerating.

Now that he's taken over head writing duties on Lie to Me, it's not surprising that he plans to rev up the action a bit on this Tim Roth-led drama.

"I want to push it a little bit more in a character direction, add a little bit of more adrenaline," Ryan said this week, noting won't turn Dr. Lightman into Vic Mackey or Jack Bauer exactly. "I just want to get to know these characters better...

The show is ultimately based on a group of scientists. But the fact is they are people who are diving into the middle of charged cases. They are going to be in emotionally and physically harrowing situations at times. And I think the pace of the show will just get some juice."

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Here's the problem, Martin Walker is a psychopath and probably a killer. Just though you should know.

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Cal Lightman: Great chess players only think one move ahead, but it's always the right move.