Private Practice Spoilers: Does Violet Live or Die?

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To carry eager fans through until next month's season opener, Entertainment Weekly has some Private Practice spoilers and casting notes in its Q&A today.

Here's what EW has unearthed about one character's possible return, along with the fate of Violet, who was left on the floor, about to be hacked open ...

On Violet's fate after the Private Practice Season 2 finale cliffhanger:

  1. Violet lives.
  2. Approximately 20 minutes will have lapsed between the last frame of the gripping season finale and the first frame of the new season premiere.

On the return of Josh Hopkins' Noah as Addison's love interest:

  1. It's not happening, as Josh is on Cougar Town now.
  2. Amanda Detmer will be back as Noah's wife, though.
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I think that Addison is great and wanted her and Noah to work out. Although felt sorry for Morgan. I LOVE pete and violet together and hope she doesnt die and her and pete and the baby are happy!


I only watch for Violet and Pete too! I hope there are MANY scenes with the two of them! All through season 3! Love those too! Hope they stay together forever!


You people who want Paddison fail. Piolet ftw!!!!!! Addison should...I dunno...find somebody new and wonderful.


J, I speak for myself, if you haven't notice. But that's my opinion and I am entitled to it. For me Addison is the worst character on the show and one of the most annoying TV characters ever. She is disgusting and I watch despite her, not for her. I watch only for Violet, Pete and Sam. But to each their own I guess.


Leela, I never said you weren't entitled to your own opinion, I just happen to strongly disagree. LizzyB - I agree that Addie's love interests need to stop vanishing. Hope Noah departs better than Wyatt. And yes, Paddison would solve a lot of problems.


Poor Addison--they spend so much time building up these potential love interests for her and then they just disappear without even a proper departure. Will they at least have him on to get a little bit of closure or will he just vanish like Dr. Wyatt. Shonda needs to stop spoon feeding ABC these male actors so poor Addy can catch a break and have a real relationship. Or she can just put her with Pete and make lots of people really happy :)


well i think i'm still entitled to have my opinion! that happens, people have different opinions. and for me she is annoying now. the end.


She absolutely is not - she drives the show and even if you didn't like her helping Noah cheat (I certainly didn't) that doesn't mean she's annoying and a character we should care less about. Addison is actually my favorite TV character, period. And Paddison will happen eventually - if you think it's predictable watch Grey's - a lot of things are predictable on both shows.


i have to agree with OM,addison is very annoying now.


I agree - Addie is great, though I'm glad Noah is gone. And didn't we already establish the fact that Violet lives? Well anyway that part was predictable - looking forward to Oct. 1!!

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