The End is Near for Silver and Dixon, Adrianna and Navid

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We wish we had better news for 90210 viewers that wish to see two of the show's couples live happily ever after.

It still might happen, but not this season.

When asked about her character's relationship status this fall, Jessica Stroup told E! News that Silver and Dixon aren't totally done, at least not when the series returns with new episodes on September 8.

"Will you see us kiss? Yes. Will we continue to kiss for the whole season? I don't know," she said, while Tristan Wilds added:

"It's definitely a rocky relationship. We're having our ups and our downs. You never know where we fall, but right now we're separated."

As previously announced, the show is casting for an older actress to play a love interest for Dixon this year.

Dancing Dixon

As for Adrianna and Navid? The future might be even more bleak.

On-set photos have revealed Jessica Lowndes' character will get VERY friendly with newcomer Teddy, played by Trevor Donovan.

"I have a connection with Adrianna. We have a little past, so obviously I'm creating a little tension, a little drama," said Donovan.

The demise of which couple - Silver/Dixon or Adrianna/Navid - will leave you more upset?

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The Silver and Dixon couple sucks...big time...
Dixon is always sooooo taking her fr granted=s
Episode18>Off The Rails...hes all shes a drama queen=s
and then b4...Silver not saying i luv u as SUCH a big deal for him=/... I liked Silver when she was all edgy,...making her a dopey lover just wrecked her...and i kinda stopped watching the show after the first season,.. Dixon has to be the worst>>>Hes soooo ungrateful throughout.
When Harry's =fake= son shows up...hes so jealous...and to think that he cant count his lucky stars that he was adopted by Harry as well...and he couldnt accept someone else enjoying the same attention...seriously;/(he nearly never gets any sympathy frm me atleast)


you guys r so ryt!!.. navid did everything for his stupid girlfriend and what he got in return?? nothing
whats wrong with u writers com'on use BRAIN
SILVER/DIXON r my fav couple in whole series they rock with each other.. plz get them back together as they were in season1
i only watch 90210 becuz of silver/dixon
they look so cute with eachother


Silver and Dixon were my favorite he was a;ways there for her. they made the show worth watching


silver and dixon


aw no silver and dixon I love them so much I agree they need a break but please don't ruin them I want they back together one day ! I would love to see more scene btw them like at the begining the friend flirt in "the bubble" I love when silver say to dixon " so when you gonna ask me out"and he answers "maybe I don't want to ask you out" they're such my favourite on the show


silver and dixon was my favorite...right now i think that silver deserve more than i'm sorry for navid and adriana...
by the way SILVER THE BEST! :)


I cant believe their breaking up Navid and Adrianna...he freaking did everything for that girl. Navids character is so interesting compared to everybody else cuz everybody else fits a cliche of a jock or popular kid. Navid represents the average kid going to high school who is building popularity. He fits the cliche persona of "everybody else". Thats why I feel people can relate more to Navid, he reminds me of Brandons character from the original series (jason priestly) but anywayz I hope his character returns this coming season with more scenes and script.


Hate naomi too , a lot of people hate annie but she hasn't really done anything worth being hated for naomi she is a different story I hope she gets a reality check I can't wait to see her face when she learn her sister is the one who slept with Liam not annie


I think the direction the show us going is good I just have a problem with the whole navid and adrianna not working after he stood by her through the pregnancy and that teddy guy looks way to old to be in high school come on they couldn't have cast a younger looking guy that's not believable . And annie I am looking forward to the charater change hopefully she will get a backbone and bitch slap Naomi I hate that girl.


Todd your right rebecca is the worst I actually like the character of annie and I'm all for breaking down a character only to build them up again but I'm not looking forward to this for annie I think it's too soon and that it should have been naomi who is going through this she is snobby and rich and thinks the world revolves around her she needs to be knocked down a peg or five. And breaking up the two couple I think is sensible they are " young" and needs to play the field a bit . I think she has it out for the wilson's with the supposed affair that will take place and the siblings not talking to each other they need to replace rebecca.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.