Tonight's Gossip Girl: "Valley Girls" (a.k.a. The Episode That Ruined Prom)

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This evening's Gossip Girl, "Valley Girls," was the penultimate episode of Season 2.

It featured parallel mother-daughter conflicts spanning multiple generations and a ton of '80s fashion and music, which was pretty fun and harmless enough.

But for many fans, the backdoor pilot for the spinoff that never ended up happening is also remembered for what it did not feature - more than a few short sequences of the Upper East Siders' prom, and the drama and romance behind it. Alas.

While we thought the spinoff idea featuring young Lily was kinda cool, we'd prefer if future gimmicks didn't impede on Gossip Girl. Okay, Josh and Stephanie?

With that out of the way, follow the link for our recap of "Valley Girls."

Also sure to check out our gallery, videos, music guide and list of quotes from the episode, as well as our staff members' always-entertaining Round Table discussion.

Just two more weeks until the Season Three premiere of Gossip Girl! Thanks for watching along with us and visiting our website all season long!

1980s Rockers

Snowed Out (No Doubt) rocks out and ruins prom on Gossip Girl.

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I didn't like the flashbacks much, maybe for the fact that I don't really care about Lilly, or I wasn't even born then, but I think the proms scenes are good, and If they had the full time more issues could of been addressed and more drama and such.


This episode was one of my favorites purely because of the flashbacks. It would have been an awesome show. I'd totally have watched that. The lame prom ruined prom. I'm with Blair! "that's for suburban high schools and the lame teen comedies that are set at them."

Michelle is chair ftw

the episode just ended in my time zone, like ten minutes ago, and i agree with chair_ftw that it was one of my favorite episodes, but i also agree that there should have been more prom time and a more fulfilling blate ending. but i thought the episode was funny, dramatic, well put together, and the spinoff, although stillborn, was a breath of fresh air. i really liked this episode.


Dude I totally agree. This was a horrible episode. Nobody is interested in Lily or Rufus!!! BTW it did ruin prom! Oh come on guy. dont talk for other people because there are some rufly fans too, ok!! and i hate it when people speaks for other without to know what is really their opinion and i like lily very much.. and i found her past really interesting. it explained me some things from her hm.. so it was a great episode.. =)




People seem to forget that a whole episode was added to the season just for the backdoor pilot, so that we actually got an EXTRA half episode of true GG. That being said, we could have done without some of the crappier storylines and events instead (the Chuck-Vanessa hookup tops MY list).
I didn't mind the Lily flashbacks so much, but I didn't find them to be the best match for prom - It felt too disjointed for me, the way it jumped around. Prom is a major event in high school and young lives that deserved to be treated with more respect, plus it was meant to tie up Blair and Nate's young romance once and for all. I was glad to have that end as a Chair fan, but even I realize that Blate fans deserved a more thorough and respectful ending...


it totally ruined prom. D: I could care less about Lily's past.


I don't hate it, I don't love it, but I must say - Tonight's Gossip Girl: "Valley Girls" (a.k.a. The Episode That Ruined Prom) - is quite laugh out loud funny :D


yeah it's so true that that episode ruined prom :D:D


I don't see why everyone hated this episode so much, I don't think it ruined prom at all in fact I loved this episode. One of my top favorites.


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