90210 Round Table: "To New Beginnings"

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Welcome to this edition of the 90210 Round Table!

Every week, our staff discusses a slate of questions related to the latest episode, as we encourage readers to join in the lively debate regarding the latest developments. Let's take a closer look now at "To New Beginnings," the season two premiere.

Topics for this edition include new hairstyles, a new Annie, Navid vs. Teddy and more...

Whose new hairstyle do you prefer: Adrianna or Silver?
BrendaLova: Silver. Did Jessica Stroup also put a few pounds on her previously skeletal frame? She looked great!

The Real McKay: Adrianna. The long hair suits her new, carefree attitude. Moreover, she doesn't need to worry about putting it up when she has sex with Navid.

Wild4Wilds: How about option C, Dixon. I dig the slightly grown out afro. Let's hope he keeps it going!

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Do you like the new, darker Annie?
BrendaLova: No. But isn't that the idea? She was too sweet, too perfect last season. The show needs more mysterious, dangerous characters.

The Real McKay: I like the direction of her character, definitely. But, I'm sorry, Shenae Grimes has to take many hours of acting classes. She looked more constipated than distressed.

Wild4Wilds: Yes, very much. I'm really curious to see where they go with this hit-and-run angle. Will Annie actually get away with killing someone?

Does Navid stand any chance against Teddy?
BrendaLova: Totally. That new student is like 67 years old. He'll become senile soon enough and Adrianna will lose interest.

The Real McKay: No way. Have you seen Trevor Donovan shirtless?!? Sorry, Navid. There are other women out there for you.

Wild4Wilds: Yes. Adrianna has dated (and slept with) her share of hot studs. She'll soon realize that kindness and humor go a long way. Those are Navid's specialties!

Who will get back together first: Dixon and Silver, or Liam and Naomi?
BrendaLova: Liam and Naomi. Sorry, Dilver lovers, but we already know that Dixon is getting a new love interest.

The Real McKay: Dixon and Silver, only because Liam and Naomi won't be officially "back together" any time soon. Banging in the janitor's closet? Sure. But not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Wild4Wilds: Neither. Dixon and Silver need a nice, long break from each other. They got back together and broke up within about 90 seconds last night! Meanwhile, Liam has a lot to take care of at home before he worries a lick about his dating life.

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In "To New Beginnings", the best song on the entire episode is the last song when Adrianna, Naomi, and Silver are walking and it's not on here! I found it. It's "Everybody Loves Me" by OneRepublic. Thanks


did anyone else love how the cast was doin the freakalator in the premiere episode!!! haha

90210 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Teddy: I gotta say. I like the way you handle balls.
Silver: The way you say that, it almost sounds sexual.

Naomi: Am I the only one that thought [Monica Lewinsky] had real talent as a bag designer?
Silver: Yes.