CW Music from the Week: 90210, Melrose Place and One Tree Hill

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The first full week of new episodes of 90210, Melrose Place and One Tree Hill is behind us.

Loyal viewers of these CW programs learned that Naomi's sister is a major bitch; Violet thinks Sydney is her mom; and Robert Buckley looks great with his shirt off.

One Tree Hill Poster

Each episode of these beloved shows also featured the latest in pop and rock music. We've made note of which songs were heard on which shows below, while also making them all available for purchase with the click of a mouse...

90210 Music from "To Sext ot Not to Sext"

  • Little Boots - "New in Town"
  • Angus and Julia Stone - "Paper Aeroplane"
  • Empire of the Sun - "Standing on the Shore"

Melrose Place Music from "Nightingale"

  • Phoenix - "1901"
  • Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling"
  • Empire of the Sun - "Walking on a Dream"

One Tree Hill Music from "4:30 am (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)"

  • A.J. Roach - "Devil May Dance"
  • Phillip LaRue - "Chasing The Daylight"
  • Annie Stela - "Heart"

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One Tree Hill Quotes

Peyton: Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it's the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?
Lucas: Umm, Kate Bosworth.
Peyton: Luke, come on, it could be anybody you know. Your mom, Haley...
Skills: Your boy Skills.
Peyton: Who's it gonna be?
Lucas: Brooke.
Peyton: Alright, if that's what you really want, then I have a way for you to get her back.

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