First Grey's Anatomy Preview: "Good Mourning" / "Goodbye"

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We've read all the spoilers and episode summaries, and seen some fleeting glimpses of the new season via promos. But no real scenes from the sixth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy have been revealed for our enjoyment ... until this morning!

It's safe to say, after watching the clip from the Thursday, September 24 premiere below, that we won't have to wait long for quality MerDer love this season. Also, Seattle Grace's "other" newlyweds, Alex and Izzie, may be getting a change of address.

It's actually not clear which part of the two-part "event" this clip is from. It could be from "Goodbye," and not "Good Mourning." In any case, we think you'll enjoy it.

Check out the sneak preview clip below and share your comments!

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peek"] [/video]

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I don't think the connection between George and Izzie ever went away. They didn't have much scenes because George stayed away out of respect for her and Alex. And also because of Shonda's stupid plan to make George invisible all year so we would be shocked by his accident, so lame. When they did have scenes, the chemistry and the connection were as strong as ever, as if they had never been apart. I believed their love was real. I feel it much more than I do the Alex and Izzie one. Shonda chickened out, and decided to listen to the people against the couple not those who loved them. It's sad but it doesn't take away from what we saw in season 3 and the beginning of season 4 before that stupid chicken kissing, bad sex episode. The real Izzie would cry for months over George not laughing and joking about sex, but then Izzie hasn't been written like Izzie since 4.7 anyhow. No big surprise to me. The ooc writing for most characters and George's death is what made me lose my love for the show I hope they can revive it this year, but I'm skeptical.


Oops I meant Izzie said I'm IN LOVE with you. Not just I love you. She said both and she said she was sure about it. It showed in the way Izzie looked at George and the way she kissed him in the elevator. That was pure love. She wasn't kissing him like a friend. Everyone knows Shonda dumped Gizzie because of a small bunch of very vicious and vocal haters. I doubt they were the majority. If they were, the ratings would have gone down when Gizzie was a couple. They only went down when Gizzie broke up, and I know many Gizzie fans quit the show over them ending. Most of my friends have. I haven't been really in the show either since that happened. Katie and TR were gold together.


I'm sorry, we have no right to complain? Wow, then don't ever complain because we'll remind you of that. What are you? The board police? I didn't know everyone had to be happy about everything and not complain here. I hate when people tell the others what to feel. I'm glad Krista is acknowledging the GI connection (I am a huge Gizzie fan as both friends and couple). I miss them. They were so in love. They inspired me. I don't think I'll watch though. It's too hard saying goodbye to George.


Thanks for this, Anuflas. George wasn't just the man Izzie loved most, he was the person she loved most. Oh yeah and they were in love. I don't care what rewrites they wrote. TR and Katie wrote them as totally in love, which is why so many of us still love them and always will. Katie just doesn't play Izzie as in love with Alex. She plays him like he's good in bed and she loves him as a friend. I don't see the big love like I did with Gizzie. Izzie's love declaration still remains the best love declaration ever.
I'm glad Krista confirmed how much she loved him. It doesn't take them off the hook for how they treated George and the almost complete absence of Gizzie scenes last season, and heck we have every right to complain. The more I am told not to complain, the more I will want to do it. I'll wait for the two first episodes, but I will probably watch the first hour and that's it. I have no interest in Mexie or AI or all the newbies.


I disagree. I think George and Izzie were truly in love. Izzie said it, I love you and I


is it Izzie and alex who is laughin in the beginning? Cuz if it is Mer and Derek, it ait Ellens voice. And if it is I donät get why they used another persons voice, cuz even if she is pregnant I think that she can use her voice.


Funny! Haha. Canät wait for the whole episode. And I agree, Ellens vioce sound a bit diffrent, but she may had gotten some kind of flu or something that made her voice sound diffrent. Or something? Cnät wait to come to the states so I can watch the episodes when they air and don't have to wait a few week to watch it on the swedish channels...


Izz and Alex moving out has cheered me up! Hooray, Yippee! Alex and iz could always apartment hunt if the trailer doesn't suit. Hope Lex has moved out too, cos she was only a temporary guest. Hope MerDer have lots of fun in the house on their own, and that Cris has finished her unexpected visits


There must be a time gap between the first two episodes cos I think Mer etc become 3rd year residents at the beginning of S6. I think Iz and George loved each other as friends, and lost sight of that when they were lovers. It was never quite the same between them after that, but George did give Izz the push she needed to have that last op. I think she valued his approach more than Alex's ranting. So she will miss him, and I've read George's death impacts everyone at SGH, but everyone deals with it diffferently. Don't forget that Mer has to tell everyone why she thinks John Doe is George


Guys, maybe this scene happened before George's death.. i mean maybe when he was coding , he lived.. but in the middle of the 1st ep , he had complications and died ..

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In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

Meredith (narrating)

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