General Hospital Casting News: Greg Vaughn Out, Jonathan Jackson In

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A couple of major General Hospital casting notes from the week:

Following six years in the role of Lucky Spencer, Greg Vaughn has been released from General Hospital. He left the following message on his Twitter page:

As of today, with sad regrets, I will no longer be apart of what has been a big part of me and my families life. GH and TPTB have... choosen to take a new direction. I THANK ALL of YOU, for the many memories we've shared and new ones to come!!! ALL MY LOVE, & BIG HUGS...

Meanwhile, Jonathan Jackson will take over the role. The actor - who appeared in an episode of One Tree Hill last year - originated the character of Lucky in 1993.

Vaughn, Greg
Jonathan Jackson
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I am extremely disappointed! Greg Vaughn was awesome and we were "lucky" to have him. He was gorgeous, emotional, and truly acted his feelings perfectly. The new Lucky has a sort of feminine touch to his acting and just doesn't cut it for me. He actually looks like he could be Elizabeth's brother. Now, I could really see her running to Nicholas. It is a shame that this happened because I am a huge fan of GH since it started and while some decisions are good; this was one was terrible!


I'm disgusted that GH canned Greg Vaughn. I liked JJ as the young Lucky, but he just doesn't fit the role anymore. There is no way that guy can pull off being a cop! Greg Vaughn is sexier and more fun to watch. Soaps would have more fans if they didn't pull this crap. I thought it was bad when they aged Kristina and replaced a talented child with an obnoxious, over-acting teenager, but this is even worse. I'm not watching anymore.


I have to say I am shocked. I didn't see this coming. I am also torn. I LOVED JJ as the young Lucky, he was wiht Elizabeth through some of her worst (and best) moments. Even though the character of Lucky, became boring it had nothing to do with Greg and his acting. He is hot and sexy, he plays a great husband and father and he is what I envision the ADULT Lucky to I think it will be hard for me to fit JJ into that adult role...he still looks like a baby.


big mistake for GH. I DVD every episode but now with Lucky "greg" gone I'm done!


They had to go and mess up a good thing. I want Greg back. Jonathan is a akward Lucky. What ever they were trying to do it may just backfire.


Big mistake. Please bring back Greg. He is now the true Lucky Spencer and is one of my favorites. And he is so handsome! Johnathan simply does not fit the role anymore. Loved him as young Lucky though.


They should have Greg be the evil Valentine (Helena's Son) Because when Jonathan Left it was when Helena Kidnapped him Lucky. Then a year later Jacob Young took over then Greg the role as the new Lucky. It can be explained that Valentine had been brainwashed by Helena to be Lucky Spencer, and then the real Lucky Spencer finally escapes and shows up! Leaving Greg a whole Identity Crisis storyline.


Very dissapointed to hear Greg will be leaving. I'm sure his fans will follow him on his next adventure! Good luck to you Greg.


i am excited to see lucky return. but i still like this lucky that have been playing for a while. i wish you much success gregg.


I am no longer going to watch. Greg Vaugh was one of my favorites.

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