Gossip Girl Emmy Style Showdown: Leighton vs. Blake

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The 2009 Emmy Awards Sunday evening did not feature our favorite show nominated in any major categories, but Chuck and Blair were named the TV's #1 hottest couple during E!'s Emmy pre-show at least. Goooo Chair!

Also, the Gossip Girl cast's two leading ladies were on hand for the festivities, looking totally fabulous on the red carpet as you might expect.

Here's Leighton Meester in white and Blake Lively in red. Whose dress do you like better? Vote in our fashion survey below and let us know!

Meester at the Emmys
Blake Lively: Emmy Style

Which Gossip Girl star looked better at the 2009 Emmys?

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LEIGHTON MEESTER, all the way! She takes risks, she tries new things. With Blake is always the same old thing. The same dress in different colors, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail or braid. C'mon girl, you can hire an stylist or at least ask Leighton Meester for some advices. YOU ARE DEFINITELY BORING BLAKE LIVELY!


they've both looked better. LOL


I am usually in team Leigh, but this time really - depending on the first impression after looking the pics - Blake looks better.
Leigh's dress is awesome but minus the things on her shoulders. That ruins everything. She also looks a bit messy and the make-up's definetly too harsh. If I'd pick the dress - I'd go for Leigh (minus shoulders)but overall imperssion Blake's looking way better. Sophisticated and you can actully see her face. And if I'm not mistaken she had an awesome tomb raider hair? that rocked :D


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/... what do you think 'bout her 2nd dress? :)


well I wish I could vote for both but I must say Blake totally pulls off that hollywood diva look,she's gorgeous ! maybe she's got advantage cuz she's blonde and tall..


I love her, though! Okay, sorry for the gazillion comments. http://www.FabBlab.blogspot.co...


Oh, and Blake OWNS this one. Grecian style is not for Leighton and she needs to tone down the make-up already. She's got a beautiful face, I have no idea what she's driving at.
She's got that feminine, classic face and she can't pull off edgy. I'm sorry.


To all those who keep saying "Blake fans are always dissing Leighton fans, rarara!" : quit it. Half the time you guys are going all "OMG Leighton, she's better, she's better, she's better. I voted for her bc she was the better actress". WTF? It's not about who's the better actress, here! It's about their clothes and who pulled it off better! Secondly, I am a fashion writer and have been in the industry for a while, alright, a make=up/outfit MISS does NOT TRANSLATE TO A "RISK".
Whenever she gets something wrong, everyone will go on a tirade of "Yeah well Blake should take more risks like Leighton."
I'm sorry. Leighton is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but she has a stylist where Blake doesn't.
She admitted in an earlier interview which has been posted on this website, that her stylist picks all her clothes A-Z. So it's really not her style you're praising. Whereas Blake picks every outfit everyday.
OKAY? ALRIGHT just wanted to get all of that out.


I think there is something wrong with Blake Lively hair , i also think Leighton Meester dress was too big, but that's just my opinion, but they both look gorgeous, as usual


Leighton looks tired :X But I agree, we shouldn't be arguing over who looks better!
I think they both have on and off days, like everyone else. And they're both really, really beautiful. I think they should switch make-ups, or switch dresses x)

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