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Tonight, Gossip Girl goes to college! "The Freshmen" are going to see some major ups, downs, and learning experiences (and possible "sexperimentation").

We've seen a good deal previews and promos for the second episode of the new season, as well as pics and spoiler alerts for this episode and future ones.

Now we can only sit back, watch and enjoy.

What do you think and hope will happen on Gossip Girl as B, G, D and V enroll at NYU - and what will happen with the other characters?

Discuss "The Freshmen" by leaving comments below and chatting withother  fans in our
No Headbands in College!

Dan shows Blair how it's done in college.

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I want to know in da future could it happen if DAN and Blair ?????


I loved this episode! Can't wait for 3x03! The C/B scene in bed was too cute for words :)


can't believe that lily and rufus' child is some creepy guy. already looking forward to watching him leave the show. he is awful
just like vanessa. yuck
Love Blair/Dan scenes, Serena was so annoying i wanted to kill her with my own hands
Chuck is such a cutie- i think i love him being good))))) emm... nate... was he in this episode? i haven't noticed. he's in the team of useless like Vanessa and Scott Didn't miss Jenny. that's all i wanted to say


Arrghh. i agree i mean im a die hard chair fanand i waited all 1st and 2nd season to finally see them together now that they are thier just i dont know.....boring? i want Dair ! Dan & Blair would heaps cutee i mean yeah it would a definite cliche but they would be cute together for like a season, i mean i eventually want ehr and chuck to end up together but not right now i think if they keep chair its just goin to ruin them ! x


wtf :S
serena is such an as.... in this episode.
totally didnt like her!


@passerby okay honestly, im getting tired with this ITS CHAIR OR THE SHOW SUCKS attitute. " Passerby" do you ACTUALLY like Gossip Girl ? Or is it just for you to obsess over chuck and blair ? Because if you actually like the show for what it is then you wouldn't keep complaining and complaining. God... if you're always so horny for some "Chair" there is internet porn you know.... I mean i love Chuck and Blair but some people are waayyy in over their heads . They are only fictionnal characters yet if there isnt 39 minutes of Chair in the show the episode automatically sucks??? I for one loved this episode. It had the perfect mix of drama (when blair invited OMJC to ruin G's party, who'd expect that??) and humour ( mosty quotes by blair, chuck and Georgie) and this episode wasnt all about OMFG moments either. it had great character development, really cute scenes between Chuck and Blair, nice bonding with B and S and great set up for the next episodes. I LOVED this episode. I feel sorry for those who didnt enjoy it as much as i did because it shows you dont really care about the Tv show but more about that obsession ... im glad the writers dont listen to what people on forums say because it would be worse than those fanfics about blair getting preggo with chuks baby ...... end of rant lol


Does anyone know the name of the last song on the latest episode? The artist is Phoenix...


Second episode was better than the premiere, but that isn't saying much. I find myself becoming bored with this show. It's not exciting or interesting. The writing is unconvincing, sloppy, and the stories are too far-fetched. Seriously? No one likes Blair? It's too hard to believe. Furthermore, would she really be just standing there for HOURS? Serena is so annoying! Serena & Carter is so unbelievable. No story at all and they want us to believe in their relationship? Nate & Bree is so pointless. The fact that she's only around 2 more episodes makes me feel like it's another half-baked plot. I yawn at their scenes. Hate Scott! Terrible actor. Hate Vanessa. Dan is annoying. Loved seeing Blair & Dorota. The only good scene was Chuck & Blair in bed at the end. Ugh. I can't believe imagine how boring Constance is going to be. I'm feeling iffy about Jenny leading. It's like the show doesn't know where it's going. It's like there's no more point to watch. No more good stories worth watching. It's an awkward show to watch now. *Sigh* Next episode doesn't seem that great. :( Really starting to lose hope. It's going downhill since second half of season 2. Only Chair is good.


This show has gotten REALLY sloppy. It seems like the writers have no idea where they're going -- everything is so loosely set up and so poorly executed (the con artist thing that completely failed, for example). (And also the fact that they're so set on pleasing their viewers...they dropped the Jack thing because they thought viewers would cringe. That's not the right way to make a show, especially if it leaves inconsistencies.) I thought the first season was pretty good and tight...up to the major hiatus and all the Georgina crap. The writers aren't doing a very good job of keeping those same characters (or at least properly developing them to their current forms). I do like Serena's new wardrobe (Blake is looking really pretty this season!), though -- at least THAT seems to fit with the character she's supposed to be.


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