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Tonight, on "The Lost Boy," Serena wonders what Carter's deal is. Don't we all. Meanwhile, Vanessa suspects something is up with Scott. Gee, you think?

Also, we're in for some hot Chair action tonight from the looks of it. Holla!

We've seen some quality previews and promos for the third episode of the new season, as well as photos and spoiler alerts for this and future episodes.

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy - and share your predictions of course.

What do you think and hope will happen on Gossip Girl this evening?

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Last week Carter asked Serena, "What's your deal?" This week we ask, what's his?!

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Savannah - Totally agree with you! I'm shocked that people liked this episode.


Anyone else get the impression that Chuck is going to lose everything at some point this season? He says something to Blair like he "cashed in all [his] shares of Bass Industries".


boring episode. CB were boring Carter=shady. who cares. DS were the shining light this episode with their adorable scenes. This show is all confusing. What happened to Serena trying to get into the tabloids? Did they drop that? what is up with Bree/Carter? Why am I even asking? It's probably boring anyway. next week is Hillary Duff. Ugh, and it continues to go downhill......


Awesome episode! The last one was funny, but this brought the drama too. The end seemed to promise some juicy future plot lines for most of the cast. I hope Jenny and Eric start high school next episode!


I thought it was a solid episode. Not disappointing, not amazing. Several parts were slow-moving, others I was most definitely intrigued. I was grateful to see the characters entwining more in this episode, what with the Carter/Bree, Scott/Georgina factors. I did enjoy the photograph plot line- admittedly, I did not see that coming. Cute, but I want to see Chair just a little bit spicier. Hopefully things will pick up a bit by next episode. Scott and Vanessa's acting was heinous this week- I actually laughed out loud. This is a scenario that has been dragged out for 3/4 of the year, and all Vanessa can manage is a tame "Oh my God?" I fear Hilary Duff will only add more to the laugh factor next week. Ugh. Tyra? Double ugh. Oh GG, stop with the fame-****ring please.


Bad episode again. Terrible, predictable, cliched writing. Boring plot! I was almost yawning. *Sigh* I hate Scott and his dumb story. The actor is terrible. He CANNOT act. Glad he's gone for now. Bree & Nate... boring and pointless. Isn't the next episode her last? So pointless to bring in new girls for Nate and not have these relationships last long. Nate should not be on the show anymore if he only has scenes on his own. Serena & Carter... boring. Don't care about this couple that's obviously not going to last. Vanessa... can they please kill her off? Hate that she's getting SO MUCH screen time. Chuck & Blair -- love them... but their story sucks. They are so boring now! I hate the whole "business" spiel with Chuck. Lame! Can he stop acting like he's middle age? God. Georgina was pretty much wasted. Stupid story. Gosh. This show is more and more disappointing every week. It's going down the drain so fast. I don't know how the show is going to be next week with Hilary Duff.


hope Carter disappears forever


I don't know how I feel about this episode. Overall, the show is getting kind of confusing. They're adding in all these little twists and turns and I'm just getting mindboggled. And Chuck and Blair...? Cute, but nothing to write home about.


oh my gosh this was a goooood episode. and georgina is so evil! and i usually hate serena but she was not so bad this ep!


GREAT EPISODE. You know whats funny? every promo that makes the episode look terrible makes the episode great, but all the promos that look too good to be true stink. Job well done GG


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