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Earlier today, we added more pictures to our Season 3 premiere gallery. "Reversals of Fortune" airs September 14 at 9 p.m., and we'e counting down the minutes.

To make today even better, however, the CW released a set of images from the next episode, "The Freshmen." The second episode of Season 3 airs September 21.

The first thing we have to ask is... did Vanessa get cool over the summer or something? Here she is at what looks like a college party, with none other than Scott:

College Party!

In addition to some good pictures of Vanessa (yes, such a thing exists), it looks like Chuck is in an important business meeting and Blair reunites with Georgina. We can't imagine it goes smoothly. Come on, it's Blair and Georgina!

Click to enlarge the Gossip Girl photos below and share your thoughts ...

V is For ...
V and Friend
Beautiful Freshman B
Business Meeting
V: NYU Freshman
Freshman Roomies?
Another B and G Pic
More B and G

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the vanessa hate is so annoying. she's part of the cast, ge tthe fck over it. and hating on her character is one thing, but hating on the actress, too? pathetic.


It's the fact the blair has plain characteristics yet still manages to look stunning that wows everyone! I mean serena looks like an exciting blond yet she's a complete bore... and vanessa is dark and exotic looking yet her character is>> because she has the talent to make herself truly shine... amen to that!


This is absolutely beyond. WOOOH. the plot thickens.... I am hanging on tight for Monday. ;D


fall out between chuck and serena sounds very interesting especially if its gunna cause more rivalry between chuck and carter...whooo im excited


Joy...people don't like Leighton,deal with it. What is wrong with you? do you even realize how stupid you just sounded? people love jessica...people love leighton. deal with it. not everyone is in love with leighton. get.over.it


Leighton is gorgeous. Are you blind? Did you get hit with a rock? I'm guessing that your only saying mean because people are dissing Jessica. Lame brown hair? What your hair is so damn perfect? Your causing drama on an actress who is on the best thing on the this show. I really don't understand. People don't like Jessica, deal with it. What is wrong with you?


.. Leighton is an amazing actress.
I can't even say anything else but that. I really wish I understood your spewing lies.
Also... "half of the time her acting is soo fake"... It's called ACTING. If it wasn't fake, that would be a reality TV show, sweetie. :)


well for me your queen Leighton is a boring girl next door with lame brown hair and brown eyes ,she is cute and that's all,she has a horrible body that once was nice but she is obviously to lazy to take care of it,also her image is sooo avarege, we can play a game about how many not that successful actresses looks like her and about her acting skills their not as good as all her fans claim actually she only good rolling her eyes,making a bitch face and talking like a baby that's not acting skills half of the time her acting is soo fake¡


I honestly wish I knew where people are getting this 'best actress on the show' shit. Really, I am. When did you guys start to think with your asses? And I'm not being mean - really. I just don't understand. I am extremely perplexed; genuinely confused at this new development. I can't comprehend this blasphemy you guys are spewing. And, really, I'm trying so very hard not to be mean - but sincerely, guys, where are you getting this shit? Whatever you're smoking, pass me some, please. I can say with a good conscience that while I'm sure Jessica has a great personality outside of the show and celebrity world (and this is me really trying to promote her; I'm not a big fan of Jess myself, but that's my own opinion), she cannot act. It's simple, really; she just... can't. Alike Chace Crawford (pretty face, zero skills?), she only has a few facial expressions and her voice is rather monotone on the show. Jessica is pretty. I'll say that. She's... pretty. Pretty in that plain way. Like, the unconventional type of pretty, the kind some people overlook, but if you really look hard (really, really hard), you can see that she is pretty. But the fact of the matter is, her style absolutely evades normalcy - on the show, that is. In real life, her hair - my goodness, have you seen her hair sometimes? I'm sorry, but, what? I'm not bashing Jessica - get that through your heads before you spew hatred on me - but I'm explaining this monstrosity. So enough of my critiques on her appearance - I'll say that she's pretty. In my opinion (OPINION, guys, so don't attack me), she's not the prettiest chick on the show. I'm sorry, guys. Leighton is a queen; always will be. She's not a good actress (remember that lovely word, opinion), and she really doesn't deserve a spot as a main character on the show. No one really wants her there (I'm sorry, most of you guys know it's true), and I've never even considered Vanessa a top-priority character. But to tie this all up - if you have opinions on Jess and Vanessa, find yourself a Jessica Szohr hate-forum (I would love to find one of those) or a Vanessa hate-thread. While I'm guilty of loving the drama (scandals, scandals, scandals!) of people fighting over a character, it would just be better if we hated on her for a while until Schwartz&Savage come to their senses and kill her off. (And I can think of many ways for her to die.) -E


I LOVE Vanessa...so back off...I mean at least she has a brain, she is intellectually stimulating and if you want to talk about hypocrites, I think every girl on the show acted cowardly and hypocritically so many times....VANESSA IS UNIQUE....I personally find her character intriguing and I would love to discover more about her past. Plus Jessica Szohr is probably the best actress on the show!

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