Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Lost Boy"

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While you sound off in our The Lost Boy" include memorable lines, foiled plots, the mysteriousness of Carter, the absence of J and future guest stars ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Gotta show Gossip Girl herself some love here: Her closing line, about bringing everything back to the auction, was brilliant.

Gossip Guy: I suppose it wasn't a quote per se, but my favorite line goes to Chuck and his expression when Blair took off with his shoes. Classic talk-to-yourself moment: "She stole my shoes?"

Mister Meester: Georgina, on Chuck and Blair hitting it: "Judging by the size of the sock on the doorknob, I didn’t want to knock."

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2. Who were you rooting for at the auction, Blair or Chuck?

DANdy: Serena's boobs. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for them to bust out of that dress.

Mister Meester: Blair, because I wanted to see Chuck react after saying he couldn't be outbid, then losing to someone he can't really get mad at or plot revenge on anymore. The new dynamic of Chair as an item is great.

Gossip Guy: Definitely Chuck. Secret society shmiety. A boy has got to earn a living if he's gonna bring the bacon home to Blair.

3. Anybody miss Jenny this season? What do you think she's up to?

Gossip Guy: Making 10-second cameos with Eric of course! That's a full time job, at least according to the credits of the show.

Mister Meester: I do appreciate that the show doesn't force characters to interact in situations where they normally wouldn't, but I do think J deserves more than brief breakfast cameos. I want to see her rule the school.

DANdy: Give the girl a break, will ya?!? It takes awhile to put make-up on properly. She'll appear, decked out like a raccoon, shortly.

4. Epic fail of the night: Chair's plot to oust Carter, G's plot to sabotage Chair, or the character of Scott ... in general.

DANdy: The character of Scott, for multiple reasons: the dude that portrayed him is a worse actor than Andrew Shue; the conclusion to his storyline was a bigger let-down than both Matrix sequels; and he forced viewers to put up with more Vanessa than ever before.

Gossip Guy: As bad as Chair failed, Scott proves even more useless than Vanessa. Every expression of his just makes me cringe. G, please let this guy go to Boston and leave the plot line forever. Not wanting to tell Rufus and Lily? Fine by us!

Mister Meester: Everything about Scott gets a failing grade, so let's focus on the two foiled plots. G's scheme was actually pretty good, given her goal, but Chair could have done more to sabotage Carter. Think of the potential there! Bogus credit card charges and a run-in with a supposed fling? Kind of weak. Where were the planted drugs and hookers sent to his room?

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Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan) is becoming a fixture on Gossip Girl.

5. What do you think happened between Carter and Bree?

Gossip Guy: I'm gonna go with Carter knocked Bree up so her father has been chasing him down for that much needed child support.

Mister Meester: It would be great if it involved Santorini. Maybe Carter stole Bree's father's boat. Now that would be funny. It's probably even bigger, though ... like Carter and Bree are somehow estranged siblings.

DANdy: I believe that's Privileged information! (Get it?!?!)

BONUS QUESTION: Are you excited for Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks next week?

Mister Meester: No. We already have four notable guest characters this season, two of which are flat-out hot (Carter and Bree) and two who are at least raving psychos (Georgina and Scott). After the way last night's episode ended espeically, isn't there enough going on that we don't need stunt casting?

Gossip Guy: Wow. Gonna have to pass on this bonus question as to not upset any fans of these two.

DANdy: The day I'm excited for anything involving Tyra Banks is the day I call it quits as a Gossip Girl Round Table contributor.


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I think the real useless character is Nate. Everytime he enters a scene I'm reminded that he's actually on this show, AND he's just boring. It seems as his lil girlfriend is more interesting than him, and she's not even a regular.


Best quote, I agree, was Chuck: she stole my shoes??? This episode had SO MUCH fail, yet managed to remain interesting solely due to the acting skills of regulars like Chuck, Blair, Dan, and Serena, and the highly irregular but entertaining Georgina. Everything else was pretty much the suck. Scott? pathetic storyline, pathetically handled. Vanessa? I like her much more than anyone else on this site seems to, but I have to admit, she was just crap in the acting department. I think Dan's little fan who has the Writers' group, from last episode, should basically replace Vanessa as "Dan's normal non UES friend." The whole Sotheby's thing.... SIGH. Writers gone wild. It sounded really cute on paper, I'm sure. It was utterly uninteresting and far-fetched on the show. The endless halfhearted, crap puns did NOT help rescue this poor conception. I like the idea of Chuck buying a hotel. I find it beyond unbelievable that he had to cash in all his shares to do so. Really, I get what you're doing with that, writers: trying to stir up some drama by making him stake his fortunes and future on something, and linking it to his love for Blair. But... no. Sorry. Hotel is exciting and will be the obvious staging area for many events this season, but Chuck investing his whole bag of chips in it is absurd. Is he not a... billionaire? Hello? Blair is awesome. Show is rescued to the extent that Blair is the main game.


Chuck and Blair were the most interesting part in this episode. Scott needs to leave ASAP! No one likes him. Serena needs to change her sense of style, that dress looked terrible. Has anyone noticed how blair rarely has her hair down anymore, and when she does it's always straight? I miss her curly long hair.


i think that carter and bree had a relationship in the past. and that carter was the one who stood up bree's cousin at the altar and ran away with bree instead. bree mentioned before that she is not in good terms with her family... maybe it's because of this reason...


Chuck and blair were amazing with their witty banter and funny lines( especially the shoes one). But the closing scene outside with them was LAME, theyre chuck and blair they could do better than that! although ilove the cute lines i just hope the writers can include some more passion and hot scenes. and i agree with alot of you on how horrible vanessa is but this episode she actuaaly served a purpose, for once. and for nate, i really could care less if hes there or not, this kid cannot seem to get a story line with meaning without becoming tangled in love drama...boring. but over all good episode!!


I loved chuck and blair!!!!
vanessa needs less less screen time! Seriously, she just needs to not exsist!!!!
Serena's dress at sothebys was slutty


Why B is always wearing dresses that are less sexy than S, she's so beautiful why does she has to wear rainbow dress or skirt since the beginning of this season.. So sad, that they don't use the beauty of B. Xoxo by a Belgian fan ^^


vanessa had her sadest scene from the beginning of the series, and she still was useless and pathetic, when will they get that she aint bringing anything to the show?why do we see her more than jenny???


Let's face it. Vanessa is obviously useless.. and is not worth this amount of screentime AND has a verry annoying voice. But isn't that why we secretly love her so much? Cause bashing never gets old and V is perfect for it right;)


The only couple worth watching is Chair. They have the attitude and wardrobe to match. Serena keeps dating losers. Actually all of the other characters storylines r so boring. JoAnna Garcia does not play the role of wealth and privilage. She stinks on GG and so do Nate, Dan, Vanessa yuck, Jenny and Scott. Writers please revise this seasons direction. Thank G 4 Chuck and Blair

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