Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere: What Did You Think?

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How do you feel about the Grey's Anatomy Season 6 premiere this evening? Satisfied? Emotionally drained? Let down? Somewhere in between? All or none of the above? Share!

We want to hear what you think about this Grey's Anatomy event, a roller coaster ride of emotion, tragic and depressing at times, yet touched with hope and plenty of heart.

We're working on our official episode guides to "Good Mourning" and "Goodbye" as we speak. In the meanwhile, tell us how you felt about the show tonight - which we thought was pretty impressive, by almost any measure - by voting in our survey below.

Feel free to leave us comments with your thoughts, as well!

As always, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff will weigh in with its own analysis - as well as quotes, music, news, photos, spoilers and much, much more - as soon as we can.

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The Grey's Anatomy Season Six premiere event was ...

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Something is off with s6...? its never been a "dark" show but now, eina!


George and Izzie on the bench, their fingers interlinked and smiling radiantly at each other. There never was a couple more in love and more happy, and they would still be together if Shonda had had the courage to stand up to the haters. There was no doubt their love was real. They were in love and it showed in every gesture and looks they gave each other. I haven't seen Izzie that happy since.


Well we George and Gizzie fans have been called delusional, immoral, insane (just yesterday) and so on. We have been accused of supporting adultery. It's funny because I doubt the MerDer fans have been accused of this. It's a TV show. I don't have a problem with Aleex crying. I have a problem with him telling Izzie he married her only because he thought she would die, blaming her for him falling for her and trying to bully her into making the right decision about her treatment (while George respected whatever decision she made). She treated George badly? She told Alex a corpse was twice the man he was, used him as some sex toy she treated like dirt while obsessing over both George and Denny (remember the cupcake scene where she was more worried about George than interested in Alex then dumped Alex there the minute she saw Denny?), insulted Alex all the time and told him he didn't deserve anyone. The whole shut up and do me, I didn't feel any love there. Like she told George she needed someone, anyone to feed the beast, and that was him. She always showed a lot more admiration for George (I can't see her ever telling Alex she'd be honoured to be the new him) and has treated him with a lot more love. There is a reason Krista said George, not Alex, is the man Izzie loved most of all. I didn't like the affair, but it didn't mean George and Izzie didn't belong together. They did and they made each other happier than anyone. IUt was obvious to me Izzie started developing feelings for George all the way back in season 2. I think she loved both George and Denny. Her jealousy of Callie, her missing George the minute she didn't see him, her talking about him all the time, the way she got so excited and happy just when she saw him(something she never did with Alex btw). It was obvious a long time before they slept together they had fallen in love (the hug scene shows that very well) and hadn't realized it. TR and Katie played those two as totally in love, and their love was the only one in this show that ever felt real and organic to me. I did see growth in Alex in season 3, then a bit in season 5, but the last episode of season 5 and the last two yesterday, all that growth seemed to evaporate as he reversed right back to season 1 jerk Alex. I don't think he loves Izzie. He's obsessed with her. He and George might not always have been close but they did have a relationship of some sorts. They fought together, got under each other's skins more than anyone, and they even made peace at the bar. Krista claimed it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between them, yet when he died, nothing. No reaction. Like a stranger had died. And why? Because he was completely into Izzie. She's his whole life hence the I will not survive without comment. That's creepy. That's not sane. One person cannot be your whole life. One person cannot be the reason you are kind. You can't put that kind of emotional blackmail on someone because now Izzie will be scared to ever leave him because he keeps telling her his whole life depends on her. Just sick. The way he gets so jealous of everyone else she loves is disturbing too. I guess it's because he knows Izzie isn't half into him as he is into her (just like George wasn't half into Callie as she was into him), so it makes him jealous, insecure and snarking on dead guys. That's not real. That's sick and dysfunctional. Izzie, who is always so strong, lets Alex heave all kind of verbal abuse at her, yell at her without saying a word. He makes her a weak, emotional doormat. She and George were equals. George could call her crazy when she did something wrong (like in the Denny situation), get mad at her and not speak to her for a while (when she treated Callie like dirt and he didn't speak to her in months). They were equal and both sometimes fought and got mad at each other, but still always loved each other and had each other's backs. You need to think of the Izzie with George when they were friends. How sweet and generous and kind she was when she was with him. How happy and how funny and bubbly. That is the kind of couple they would have been once the shock of the affair evaporated. They would have been the couple from 4.2. Totally giddy with love and happiness, flirty, fun, loving and total partners. What they had was not only real, it was magic. Izzie never smiled at anyone or looked at someone with more love as she did with George. Even Katherine Heigl knew that, which is probably why she never plays Izzie as truly in love with Alex.


Fanny - Actually, I have been called shallow on these very boards and have seen another Alex fan called "sick" because she liked someone who was "abusive," so I'm not making up these insults. As far as Alex vs. George, we just aren't going to agree and thats fine, I was just stating my opinion and feelings on the subject. It does seem like you have a double standard where Alex and Izzie are concerned though. It is okay for Izzie to cry and rant due to the special circumstances of Denny (dying) and George (being married) although these were situations that Izzie knew about well before getting involved in the relationships, but it isn't okay for Alex to cry and rant because a person that he has cared about for a long time gets cancer and actually had a death experience in his arms. That doesn't seem fair, but whatever. I will agree that I am also tired of seeing him cry all the time and hope that he has some kind of happiness coming his way. Again, I am a reasonable person and I can completely understand why someone wouldn't like Alex. He isn't perfect and he can be a complete jerk (as can all of the characters on the show). But I think that he has shown quite a bit of growth throughout the seasons (even if he does slip back into jerk mode now and then). I loved the Gizzie friendship and agree that their love was quite strong as far as that goes and their bond is stronger than hers with Alex in many ways. Romantically, I just felt that they were trying to convince themselves that something more was there because of repercussions and hurt that their actions caused, but in the end they were better as friends. Thats just how I saw it (and I liked Alex with Addison back then and really didn't like Izzie so it wasn't because I was shipping A/I). I also thought that Izzie bullied both Denny and George and often treated George with less respect than he deserved. I am not a huge Mer/Der or Gizzie fan partly because so many other people were hurt along the way (George, Addison, Finn, Rose, Alex, Callie) that I found it hard to root for them and found nothing pure in that, regardless of whether or not they were "meant to be." Again, just my opinion. As dysfunctional and flawed as it may be, I just find Alex and Izzie's relationship to be real and raw and interesting and for the most part I like the way that it has developed over the last 5 years. You don't and thats fine. I've seen a lot of growth in Alex over the years, I guess you and many others haven't and probably never will.


Being a fan on the bad guys on TV doesn't make you a bad person and I'm not seeing anybody who did. You need to stop seeing insults where there is none. My best friend loves bad guys and I like nice guys on TV shows. That doesn't make her bad. TDS, that's your opinion. I think with Alex, Izzie turns into a sex-obsessed selfish nympho who cares more about getting laid than the fact her best friend and person just died. She becomes this person who lets a man blame ehr for getting sick and making him love her, a woman who lets herself be put down. With George and Denny, Izzie was an equal and would never have let them speak to her that way. Plus, maybe what you see as selfish and hysterical means she loved thsoe guys so much, she didn't want to lose them. It was extraordinary circumstances too (denny was dying and George married), but if things had settled down and they had been allowed to be normal couples, she would have lost that. Izzie was always happiest with George. He's the one she turned to when she needed comfort. Like Katherine said, just being with George brought her pure joy. He brought out her sweet, caring side. The side who cared about people, and not just sex all the time. Alex and Izzie don,t have love. Thay have lust and he has obsession. He sees her as this girl who needs to save him and gets mad at her if she fails in any way at the job, rolls eyes. Yes George and Izzie had a pure love. A pure, unconditional love. The affair was wrong in every way, every Gizzie fan knows that, but it doesn't stop their love and connection from being pure and unconditional. Just like it doesn't stop MerDer's love from being right just because they betrayed Addison twice, right? George and Izzie were always there for each other and loved each other no matter what from the very first time they met. That's a pure love for me. Izzie definitely brings out th worst in Alex. He becomes so obsessed with ehr nothing else matters and he keeps yelling and crying all the time when he's with her. He yells at her every episode now, then he bawls. Pretty pathetic. And while I think Justin is a great actor, he is the worst at crying I have ever seen. He seems like someone who is constipated everytime he does it. His so-called love for Izzie also had Alex shock Denny ultra hard to cause him physical pain and wish he would die, and tell him to his face. That,s pretty hysterical and selfish to me, yet you still root for AI.


YAY! for Shonda Rhimes (probably?) choosing Sweet Honey in the Rock! (Wade in the Water) ... oh, and it's difficult for each episode to be 'better' than the last- there is an arc to a season- a rhythm. maybe a judgment or magnifying lens held up to each week's scenes- is not the way to go--


anuflas - thanks for the comment! Don't worry, you aren't the only one. I like Alex too, so I am apparently shallow and I like to be abused by men. I can fully admit that Alex can be a HUGE jerk and there are many times that his behavior frustrates me. (I think that the word abusive is a pretty strong word and if it applies to Alex it applies to just about every character on the show). But as a character he is written well enough (and acted wonderfully) so that even when I don't like what he does, I can understand it. For god sake its a tv real life I would run far from just about every single messed up guy on this show. But as far as entertainment goes, I find Alex to be extremely interesting and entertaining. I don't love Izzie, but I like what she brings out in Alex and especially I like what he brings out in her. Although I was a big fan of the Gizzie friendship, I found that both Denny and George brought out a side of Izzie that I really didn't like (ie - hysterical and selfish). Since they are fictional characters, I find it hard to argue who is better for Izzie or who loves her more since they are products of a writers imagination. I just think that her behavior with Alex is alot more likable and entertaining to me than it was when she was with George or Denny. I am a fan of George too, but all of the insistence of him being so nice and sweet and practically without flaws and of the Gizzie love being PURE is just not what I saw on my screen. But hey, to each his own.


*rolls eyes* Ok. Yes, I love the bad guy thing. I'm a horrible person, whatever. Immature losers? Now who is being immature here? I'd prefer for Izzie to have died but no, we don't always get what we want to, do we? You have no idea of the things I've heard in funerals. So I won't even bother to answer that. I understand Mark's and Alex's remarks but there is no way in hell you people are going to stand in their shoes and see it from their POV. Sad.


I have so many things in my head after the premiere!! I don´t think it was disappoiinting, but i really think it was like a total disorder, maybe because of the 40 day thing and stuff but it didn´t catch my full attention as it used to.
I have to say that Alex´s reaction it´s so normal, i mean, he did everything for Izzie, he ignored the DNR in order to save her life and he suffered so much just to hear from his wife that she wishes a brain tumor?? come on i don´t think Alex is being a jerk, he´s just angry because of the fact that Izzie wanted to use him like a distraction because she misses George.
I loved the final scene, when everyone takes the voice over to express their feelings, and do something about it, but i really didn´t like the construction of the episode because it was like a brainstorm.. just ideas that didn´t get into something..


For me the creator of the show in her mind wrote George off early last year and really just glossed over his death in this episode. I found the story completely lacking in emotion. George and more importantly TR helped make Grey's what it became - a damn good show. She could have at least respected TR and his work with a better send off then he received on this 1st show.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.