Heroes Round Table: Fourth Season Premiere

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Heroes is back - and so is our weekly Heroes Round Table!

Following each new episode of the series, our staff will gather and share our thoughts on the latest episode of the NBC drama. We encourages fans to do the same in our Heroes forum!

Will Hiro live or die? Will Sylar ever fully return? It's time to get right to the heart of these issues and more...

Will Hiro die?
A. Hiro: It pains me to say this, but: I hope so. The character is now nothing but a comedic tool. Compare that to the visionary character from season one. To actually kill Hiro off would create the buzz Heroes needs, while giving him a purpose once again.

Milover: I doubt it. I'm in favor of this storyline, but I wished they had drawn it out more. It makes sense that Hiro's constant time travel would affect his brain/body; and it was noble of him to initially tell Ando that he wouldn't go back in time because it put the world in danger... but within the first episode, he's already flip-flopped on this stance. The entire idea of "the butterfly effect," which Hiro referenced, is that even the tiniest change to history can alter the course of humanity.

Timex: No way. This is Heroes. When was the last time a main character died?!?

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What will happen with Sylar?
A. Hiro: Parkman is gonna turn evil. Similar to my first answer, I hope this takes place because it would give the show a bolt of energy. Inspired by his visions of Sylar, it would be cool if Parkman became the embodiment of that villain's dark ways.

Milover: Again, this is a great idea handled poorly. It would have been very cool to watch Nathan slowly - very, very slowly - transform into Sylar. Instead, the show depicted a lack of patience by having Nathan already exerting so many tendencies of the person inside him.

Timex: Honestly, I'm confused. Angela is dreaming about Sylar; Parkman is having visions of him while awake; and Nathan is the body for him? I'm not insulting the series. I'm seriously asking. I don't follow.

Who killed Annie?
A. Hiro: Someone we haven''t met yet.

Milover: It's gotta be someone affiliated with Samuel's carnival, right? If the goal is to gather all the Heroes together, this seems like a way to force Claire back to her former life.

Timex: I wish it were Adam Monroe. How great would it be to have him back?!? But I'm gonna go with Gretchen. She seems nice enough now, but there's gotta be a lot more to this new character.

Grade the performance of Robert Knepper as Samuel.
A. Hiro: A Plus. I loved him on Prison Break and he's somehow even more creepy now!

Milover: A Plus Plus! Take that, A. Hiro. Seriously, he was terrific. The show needs another villain. No offense to Sylar, but his act can get hold. Samuel is a breath of fresh, entertaining air.

Timex: A Minus. Only because Sylar will always be the top villain in my eyes.

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Sylar has worn out his welcome this season....I really want SAmuel to be the ultimate nemesis to our heroes.


On the subject of angelas dream/vision. I took it that when she dreams, she sees things for what they truly are. So she sees Sylar and not the illusion that he is nathan. Id also like to see parkman go evil. I am liking the carnies already, i think its the mystery thats drawing me to them. I dont want to see a love story between HRG and Tracey, it just wouldnt seem realistic. She will be good a his 'one of them' and rekon they'd make a good team. And omg peter got hetter over the season break! I just hope he stops beibg obsessed with saving ppl and gets a life! Cant wait for next week. Looks like heroes is back with a bang and im glad :)


Am I the only one who thought it was weird how Gretchen said while playing guitar hero that she was "getting better every minute" maybe she acquired Annie skill on it (just a theory) it just seemed like a weird thing to say


Hiro did not go back in time ... he was sent there by the older time traveler who is close to death from the carnival. Sam convinced Hiro to change Ando's future and sends him on a "spiritual journey". (aKa: soul searching) As far as Sylar becoming president .... he doesn't need Nathan's body for that ... he can just as easily make himself look like the current president. (Which he almost did at the end of last season)


To Maj: Indeed Nathan is dead but that doesn't mean that we won't be seeing Adrian Pasdar around when Sylar finally emerges. Take note that Sylar's main goal is to become the president so he would be needing Nathan's appearance to attain his goal.


To Timex: Angela is dreaming of Sylar because, when she sees the future, she sees Nathan as who he truly is (Sylar) and then when the event occurred, we saw it as it truly appeared (as Nathan.) Nathan is manifesting Sylar's traits and abilities because, well, he IS Sylar. And Parkman is seeing visions of Sylar because a piece of Sylar's psyche and image were trapped in his mind when he destroyed Sylar's own psyche, so to speak. And, as he said, he wants his body back. I think that for Sylar to truly regain his original form, it would require Parkman to give over the pieces of Sylar that have latched onto him. I consider Nathan/Sylar to be Sylar in body (including heredity) and in a sense in the purest sense of the soul. He has the memories of Nathan, but you'll note that he is truly Sylar (he has obvious hereditary differences; his tastes in food, which are indeed linked to heredity, are different.) You'll also note that, rather than manifesting as evil, Sylar manifests in this pseudo-Nathan in the urgency to be, quite simply, the best that he can be. It is in his psyche, his mind, his thoughts and his memory, where the evil truly lies... And the evil lies in Parkman.


I also forgot to mention to you Timex that Nathan is really dead as well. So once Sylar is emerged we can say goodbye to Adrian Pasdars character.


Well Timex to answer your question about when has a main person died? Lets not forget about Elle and Daphne..I actually miss them alot. How about bringing more positives in to your round table guys instead of the little knit picky stuff. You must atleast agree that this was an amazing episode to watch.

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