Heroes Round Table: "Ink"

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While countless fans meet up in our Heroes forum and discuss last night's episode, our staff wants in on the action!

We've gathered together to analyze various events and developments from "Ink,' including a possible new Hero and an awesome new villain. With that in mind, let's get right to the latest edition of the Heroes Round Table!

What's the deal with Emma?
A. Hiro: I don't know yet, but it's hard to recall a new character making such a great first impression. I was intrigued from the moment her bed shook in order to wake her up.

Milover: I bet she's a love interest for Peter, which ought to take the show in a welcome direction. I know these characters are busy being super human and all, but it would be cool to see some of them involved in typical relationships.

Timex: She's deaf and she can see sounds as light. How did you miss that?

Heroes RT

Who is the most interesting character on the show?
A. Hiro: This general question is my biggest issue with the show right now. Yes, the first two episodes have been solid. But when you stop and realize that Samuel is the most fascinating character - BY FAR - it says something about how far others have fallen.

Milover: The answer is clearly Samuel, but this is an unfair question. He's new. Of course he'll be more interesting at first. Moreover, why does it matter which character keeps your interest. Isn't the important thing the fact that you are interested at all?

Timex: I'm stil a sucker for HRG. But they need to get him involved in a better storyline. We get it. He loves his Claire Bear and wants to keep her safe. Can we move on now?

Do you trust Gretchen?
A. Hiro: Not one bit. She's seemed far too curious about Claire in general, even before she found out about her ability. Keep your eyes open, Bear.

Milover: Even if I don't, i think Claire has to right now. That speech she practiced and then told her dad last night was spot on. At some point, she simply has to try and let other people into her world.

Timex: Yes. She can't hurt Claire anyway, so what's the harm? If this actually turns into a lesbian storyline, though, I'll sour on it quickly.

Will Parkman return Sylar to his body?
A. Hiro: Yes, but not on purpose. I think Sylar will, eventually, manipulate Parkman against himself - as he did last night with the dead girl - and find a way back to his former self.

Milover: Call me negative, but I don't follow this storyline AT ALL. Isn't Sylar inside Nathan? Controlling some of his actions and thoughts? I'm confident that's true. So it means he's ALSO inside Parkman's head?!? I know Sylar has many abilities and all, but the show is defying its own logic by placing him inside two people at once.

Timex: I love the idea of an evil Parkman, so I'm happy no matter what direction this takes. If a series can properly turn a good guy bad - something Heroes failed to do with Nathan in a previous attempt - the potential is enormous.

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Using logic for an fantasy drama? Oh, just watch the show and stop complaining. Time traveling is never and can never be proven and thus we will never know whether a simple change by Hiro in the past would affect how much in the future.


I losing interest now everything prior to Hiro returning from the past can't possibly have happened due to Samuel changing EVERYTHING (think how much would have altered simply from Ando having hooked up with Kimiko years ago) and everyone not acknowledging it. The writers need slaps and I'd be willing to oblige.
Having said that Hiro is my only reason to watch the show *lol*


Terriblebob, I agree with you about Isaac, Ted and Claude, they were all really interesting. However:
Edgar didn't kill anyone except Danko because he said in the first episode he only killed if he had to, he used body cuts to incapacitate but not kill people, he killed Danko because he was forced/told to. Peter doesn't really have a reason to double check the newspaper, Samuel manipulated him into almost believing he was there, the fake picture was just the final thing to make him believe Samuel was there. Also he can now choose to take the power or not because the writers are making him learn to use his power, his power is adapting, they're taking him back to season one where he wasn't all powerful cos season 1 was awesome, especially when he was learning how to control his powers, by the end of this season he'll probably be able to absorb all of them again, but still by touch. Parkman is a detective again because his ability and everything about him was only known by people in building 26 and that is shut down, it was a secret program. I suppose he was there with a bomb on his chest but it's not the biggest plothole ever, I think the season's generally on track. I agree with you that Peter should have sensed Samuel's power, I'm glad Mohinder is on a timeout, he needs a real storyline before he's back. I'd like to see a Nathan and Sylar power struggle where they're both in the same body, like Sylar's in Matt's head, Nathan would be in Sylar's.
Also agree with you about Sylar in season one, he was so mysterious it made him interesting, now he's had so many flashbacks and centric episodes and switches from good to bad we know more about him than any other character, his stories are in your face all the time.


A couple of plot holes need to be fixed: How did Parkman get his job back? I mean, wasn't he on some sort of Government Hero watchlist. Weren't his powers documented? I mean the Hatian is good and all, but seriously how many people's minds would have to have been wiped for Parkman to get his job back? Peter: WTF? Seriously, find a second copy of the newspaper. I'm sure Samuel didn't have enough ink to change all of the newspapers in NY. And how does Peter's power work anyway - first it was if he gets close to someone he can absorb their power, then it was: he has to touch them to gain their power but looses the power before, now: its the same as the last one only he gets to choose if he wants the power or not? Did he not "see" Samuel's power when they shook hands? Mohinder: How much $$$ do you think Mohinder is raking in running his taxi durring his off-screen sabatical? Enough to fly home to India? HRG: Must be taking Claire juice - I mean how do you recover from massive, near fatal injuries in a matter of a couple of days? Even Claire was in the hospital longer than HRG was when she was attacked by Sylar in season 1. Edgar: Must be new to using knives - I mean, you move at break neck speed, but you can't cut a guy's throat? You go for body cuts and even then don't kill the guy? Come on...the dude should switch to chainsaws. Nathan: Just kill the guy already... Where are the fun characters like Issac, Claude, and Ted Sprague who were extras not main characters used to create new story lines. Instead we have new main characters like Djanko, Arthur Petrelli, Samuel, and Kensei who exist only as villians. Sylar was a great character in season 1 because we didn't see much of him only his aftermath. Sylar: Strip Sylar of most of his powers (except telekenisis and 8th grade problem solving) and let him get back to business. Perhaps make it harder for him to acquire powers, or make it harder for him to retain those powers. Perhaps he can acquire a power and has to use it to excape situations or to acquire a more coveted power, but looses powers he doesn't use frequently. Oh I know, have him off Lydia or something to get the carnival all pissed at him - then he has to off other heroes/members of the carnival to escape while using the powers of the people he offs. Samuel: Doesn't it sound like he could be related to Kaitlen (poor girl is probably in an insane asylum somewhere 2 years from now) - Uhh this will blow your mind: What if Samuel is Kaitlen and Peter's baby from the future?


I wouldn't be surprised in the least if we find out the Parkman/Sylar thing is nothing more than a manifestation of Parkman's conscience. I think Matt is wracked with guilt over what Angela and HRG made him do with Nathan/Sylar, and this is his subconscious getting back at him. While in a show about people with super powers it's not implausible that part of Sylar's mind could have "attached" itself to Matt's, I think it would be better for Matt's character if he was, in fact, doing this to himself.
And I must concur with HRG and Gretchen in the restaurant. He knows her, and the fact that he is allowing Claire to get close to her, to share secrets with her, tells me he is up to something. I just can't wait to see what it is.


Think of Sylar's conscience was removed from his body. But Sylar is also mentally strong so his conscience clings onto Matt's mind. We could say that there is no chance Nathan would become Sylar without his conscience.


Ok, I like where this whole Sylar/Nathan/Parkman thing is going, but I want to see something spectacular come out of it. Here's my idea. Sylar continues to live inside Parkman's head, harassing and manipulating him. After being tormented for awhile, Parkman has a dream in which the little Indian boy, Sanjog, visits him and tries to help in his predicament. While in the dream, though, Sylar gets a hold of Sanjog and takes his ability somehow. Now you have the Soul of Sylar with new Freddy Krueger-like powers, where he can invade the minds of ANYONE on the planet through their dreams. You could seriously go anywhere with this idea, and it really sets up a great conflict.


I like what you guys got going on here, this whole Sylar, Nathan & Matt thing is crazy but I love it. I am not sure how Sylar is going to react when he get full control of his body but Matt will be in a huge danger……I can’t wait to see how the writers are going to make this happen,
About Claire and HGR, I am glad he letting go of her is about time………


I love the way HRG saw right through Gretchens Bullshit at the restaurant....also if you guys get a chance...MANGO LASSI is GOOD STUFF..lol


Well I'm sure Sylar just attached himself to Matt's mind when he was "making him think he was in fact Nathan". It's possible because Sylar is strong mentally! And by the way, if you notice, HRG is letting go of Claire which he said at the end of the episode which just might be the end of the whole "claire bear, i need to save you all the time" thing.

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