Heroes Set Shot: The Petrelli Brothers Take Flight

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Following last week's season premiere of Heroes, it looks like Nathan and Peter are living very separate lives.

The former is a Senator (slowly being overtaken by an evil presence); while the latter has returned to his life as a paramedic.

But as the following shots from the Heroes set prove, the Petrelli brothers will reunite at some point - and they'll take to the skies when they do! Here's what we mean:

On Set of Heroes
Taking Off

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Man I haven't come on here in ages though i don't know if anyone's missed me oh well. I must say I'm looking forward to this scene I love it when the Petrelli bros are together


I don't think Hiro can actually time travel again, at least not yet. I think that old carny guy sent Samuel AND Hiro back to the carnival.


Maj... I am everywhere jee jee Wherever there is a Heroes Forum I am there......


I just realized something...supposedly Hiro is time traveling again this season and we have seen those Claire cheerleader photos of her red outfit. This MIGHT be a scene from the past and that probably is the REAL NATHAN AND PETER....I Have seen those exact clothes and scene before...this has to be a season 1 or 2 picture or scene?????


It was hinted that Sylar could already fly waaaay back in Season 1. I know it could easily have been because of his telekinesis but he met and killed many other people with powers before his character was introduced.


Picazo you were on the other forum as well when you answered this question but I am speaking for the rest of the world...they WONT grasp the idea of Nathan/Sylar flying so easy....this is not good trust me.


But we saw Saylar fly right before he killed Nathan so may be he took nathans powers,


I read that Smallville and Supernatural are making Zombies related episode I hope Heroes make something like that too... those two shows are great!!!!


I am not feeling this Brothers flight thing...because a lot of people are already going to say "THAT IS NOT NATHAN...how can he FLY" I really need to be part of their writing staff.

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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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