House Photos from "Epic Fail"

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He's out of the mental asylum. But how will House transition to life at Princeton Plainsboro?

Viewers will find out next week, when the troubled doctor returns to work, claiming to Cuddy that major life changes are on the way.

Forgive her if House's boss is hesitant to believe him right away. For an early look at the episode titled "Epic Fail," click on the photos below:

Back to Normal
Cuddy and Foreman
Cuddy and House
House Picture

Everyone's favorite members of the House team will also return on Monday night. How will they react to their new - and supposedly improved - boss? We'll soon find out.

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House Quotes

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Masters: Why is your assumption of his guilt more valid than my assumption of his selflessness?
House: Because my assumption is baked up by millions of men, and Taub, who cheated on their wives.