Jenny Humphrey: A Gossip Girl Style Guide

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In the past few weeks we've seen a fashion retrospective and preview of Serena fashion and Blair fashion thanks to Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman.

Now he's taking us behind the scenes for a look at how he outfits Jenny.

From her more conservative outfits to her Courtney Love-inspired look (which sparked quite the rant from Courtney herself), the video below is sure to inspire a wide array of reactions, as Jenny Humphrey fashion always does ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Style Preview: Jenny"] [/video]

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I think all you are posers and FYI all the CHARACTERS in gossip girl are just who they play; a CHARACTER and for all you haters that are hating on Jenny is not because you hate her it's because your jealous that you can't look half as good as any of the characters on Gossip Girl. And who cares if Taylor's look is influencing her character Jenny its who she is and BTW atleast she is not pretending and being FAKE like the rest of you. So to all you that sit on your butts all day and blog about how much you hate jenny,,,,,GET A LIFE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.


Oh and Maria, I understand defending Taylor`s style and reminding people that a tv show is just a tv show, but you don`t really know how these people dress, you`ve never seen them. Just because people don`t like Jenny`s style doesn`t mean how they dress is boring. It`s all a matter of individual taste.


I like her style much better, I hated season two style and I dont like Taylor Momsen's style but I'm not hating this Serena throw back style. I actually miss Serena's old style and it seems natural that Jenny would pick it up to a certain extent.It`s an improvement. But on another note, why in the world would you dress a character after Courtney Love! That woman`s a train wreck! (Oh and Rufus doesn`t seem to be able to focus on more then one issue at a time, first his marriage, then his feelings for Lily and her marriage, then Jenny`s rebellion, then money problems, then Lily again, and now Serena. And I didn`t like how he helped Serena and Dan get together then pushed their realationship aside with a callousness that surprised me, in order to be with Lily. If I were Dan and Serena I would have been mad, but then again, I`m not and this is a tv show.)


Ohkay, personally, I loveeeee her hair, her make-up, AND her style! She's also my faveee off the show.


PEOPLE STOP THE HATE! it's just a tv show, tone down the crazy
by the way, i dont think it's jenny's style that is influenced by taylor but more the other way round
and i'm sure that half of everyone who are dissing jenny's style dont have any sense of style and drss pretty boringly


I have never been a Jenny Humphrey fan, both book wise as well as the TV show. But you know what, I'm really looking forward to her this season! I reckon she'll make a terrific queen because unlike Blair, she doesn't conform to "high society". She's learning to stick to her own guns, and follow her own rules. I think she'll totally turn the UES upside down, those Mean Girls won't know what hit 'em!
I agree with Kamay to an extent. She is representing alot of Vanessa (in the book series) traits. But I don't know, I think Vanessa in the books was kinda special. I can't see Jenny shaving her head or wearing bloomers to school. But yes, she is rebellious and unconforming.
Little J, is soo not little anymore!


After seeing that, i'm starting to accept Taylor's new style. I like that Jenny "from the block to the UEA" style transition. Plus, it suits perfectly the rock style of Taylor Momsen now; I mean: playing a sweet and sometimes bad little sister on set and eating boys alive in her real life? I was not really into that "hannah Montana" stuff!
Taylor's character really gets the chance to stand for her own, no longer as a Blair wannabee. People, you will tell me, but it seems to me that Jenny the rebel is taking more and more from Vanessa's features in the GG books!


What's with all the Jenny hate? Jenny's cool and she looked really pretty at the end. I think she's interesting and I think S3 is her year to reign (but not too much because I'm more interested in what going on with the NJBC)...and Dan a little bit too :-P


franco, i agree with u. eric looks her bitch, like just becoz she's with the vddubz she can just rule anything. ITS NOT UR MONEY HUMPHREY!


In contrast to the majority of the comments here, I'm actually excited to see Jenny in Season 3. I hated her in Season 1, but then I warmed up to her in Season 2 and now I'm neutral - I'm Switzerland :)
But in all seriousness, I think Jenny is entitled to have whatever style of hair she wants, whether it's peroxide blonde or punk rock inspired. Are we all forgetting that she's only 16? I'm 18 now, but I do remember that between the ages of 14-16, girls were doing outrageous things to their hair and wearing outrageous clothes. She's still discovering herself, and she is allowed to be a bit crazy. It's what being a teenager is all about.

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