Lie to Me: The Official Season Two Poster

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The second season of Lie to Me premieres on September 28.

Following a successful opening season run, the drama is now paired with House on Monday nights, a partner show that should only serve to benefit the Tim Roth-led series.

Among other storylines planned for the fall, Roth's Cal Lightman will have to deal with a former nemesis, portrayed by Lennie James. Should make for some interesting exchanges.

Meanwhile, Fox has released the following, new promotional poster for Lie to Me:

Lie to Me Poster
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Lie to Me Quotes

Martin Walker: A good chess player thinks five moves ahead.
Cal Lightman: Great chess players only think one move ahead, but it's always the right move.

Weil: You haven't done enough muck-raking for one day?
Ria: Sir. We don't think you were doing anything sexual at that club, because, I believe this escort, Melissa, who you paid for time with-
Weil: What about her?
Ria: She's your daughter.