Linda Purl Cast on The Office

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The role of Pam’s mom on The Office has been filled by Linda Purl, a relative unknown whose biggest claim to fame was playing Andy Griffith’s daughter on Matlock.

Last month, Office producer, writer and co-star B.J. Novak said Mrs. Beasly probably wouldn’t be played by a well-known actress, and that was largely by design:

“That’s the rule we have stuck to on our show - it is supposed to be real average Joes, and casting a famous actor just takes away from that,” Novak said.

“We have only cast a famous actor when they can blend right in as was the case with Amy Ryan. Or if it makes sense for the role, like with Jack Black.”

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Linda Purl makes her Office debut next month at Pam and Jim’s wedding.

Interestingly, though few may recall it, this is technically a recast. We first caught a glimpse of Pam’s mom in Season 2 when she was played by Shannon Cochran.

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