L.J. Smith Pleads for The Vampire Diaries Viewers

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Just two days prior to the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries, L.J. Smith has a request of TV fans.

The author that penned the book series after which The CW show is based posted the message below on her website this week. She really wants you to give The Vampire Diaries a chance:

May I make a plea for everybody to try to be patient (especially with the pilot episode)? The Twilight Zone feeling rapidly diminishes after that. Ian Somerhalder is being recognized as a superior villain; and I feel sure that under those brown curls Elena’s scheming mind is simply waiting for an opportunity to emerge... I’ve waited this long to speak out, and my verdict is: give it a chance.

Smokey Graveyard

Smith is mostly responding to criticism that the series is too much like the Twilight Saga. Producer Kevin Williamson made a similar point earlier this summer.

Having seen the first couple installments of The Vampire Diaries, we have to agree: the show is very much worth a viewing.

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actually, it is like the twilight in the vampire-human relationship. you know, the emotional, lonely, weird, over dramatic human with just about the same vampire. but of course vampire diaries is so much more less aggravating because there are a mix of true blood in it, which makes it more interesting and elena and stefan are not as emotional as robert and the girl. as for the action part, twilight is incredibly, without a doubt dull, stupid and boring, everything just went to easy and it seems that those action scenes are just perfunctory, and the real story is about a girl and a vampire fall in love, tell love to each other, kissing, flirting, it just too dull. So, vampire diaries do have huge similarities with twilight, but it is better, and hence, why not watch it? if you can watch the arguably unbearable twilight.


im reading them atm and i have to say i cant WAIT for it to come out; i REALLY cant :D :D
no way is it too much like the twilight saga. sure i love twilight but not everything vampire like has to be twilight
i love l.j smiths Night World series too PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THOSE OUT ON TELLY.


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